Running Blind (Do It For You)

I feel like every time I go for a run these days it is a big occasion and needs to be noted.

I went for a run yesterday! For the first time in a week! I just hadn’t been feeling it since then. I did sprints for 2 miles on the treadmill on Friday but it wasn’t like actual running. I have a few things to say about this run:

1. Check the weather before you go. My phone decided to be lazy and no matter what I did, only wanted to give me the weather for Saturday, not Sunday. At the time the thought of simply googling “weather” did not cross my mind so I set out in cropped leggings and a windbreaker since it had been thunderstorming previously. –>  I baked. The sun was shining, and there I was in head to knee BLACK.

2. Use your tools more than once a week. My Garmin apparently noticed my lack of running and decided that I was no longer capable of doing it continuously and refused to budge from the “Run/Walk” setting. I tried just running with it but it kept beeping every 30 seconds so I shut it off and turned to RunKeeper. I used to use this a lot and didn’t have a lot of trouble, but this makes me wonder:


Maybe 2 months of barely running is what it takes to become an olympic runner! #not.

3. Run to RUN. This is really the purpose of my post. Thanks to the above shenanigans, I don’t have a clue how far/fast I went. I know I started easy, and was pretty darn tired at the end. I went for 45 minutes. I sweated. I got endorphins. That’s all that matters. This goes back to the whole shtick about exercising in the way that makes YOU feel the best. Run or lift or bend until you feel like you can take over the world, and then do. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Running Blind (Do It For You)

  1. YES to checking the weather. This is coming from the girl who had to sprint home once it started raining. So not fun. That’s so funny that your Garmin kept beeping. (In a really annoying way, but it made me smile!) I ran last night after a few days of not running and had somehow forgotten how much I love it in that short period of time. I haven’t been running with any tools lately, so I focus more on the run and enjoying it instead. It’s oddly very freeing. xx

  2. That’s hilarious – I ran with Map My Run a few weeks back and it told me I ran a 5:00 something minute mile. I mean, I’d like to think I could do that, if I were like you and an Olympic athlete 😉 Sometimes all of this technology just has its off days 🙂

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