Thinking Out Loud.

Bonjour friends! Yeah I sound like a tool but that is A-OK because I would rather be a tool in French than cool in English. 🙂 It’s Thinking Out Loud day thanks to Amanda!

1. Don’t drink five shots of espresso in a day. I’m sure that doesn’t sound like much to some people…and you would think I could tolerate that much, working in a cafe! Buuuuuuut, after two 2oz iced americanos and then a shot of espresso around 5pm, let’s just say I was one happy girl. 😉

espressoI cropped my friend out of the picture so you’re welcome for the close up of my face. 

2. Salads are the best when they are 10% vegetables. I actually ate this a while ago but found the picture on my camera roll and decided it needed to be instagrammed. This one was avocado, tomato, chicken, and mango on top of spinach.


3. Running…yikes. I was NOT feeling like doing sprints after my upper body workout today so I decided to run some “easy” miles on the treadmill instead. Let’s just let it be known that when you take a month off of running, there is no such thing as “easy”. For reference sake, I was sweating buckets and wanted to collapse after running 3 miles at the pace I ran my half marathon at. Humbling.

4. Breakfast dessert is back. I don’t know why it ever left, to be honest. A square of Lindt Dark Chocolate With a Touch of Sea Salt = heaven. Although my stomach is still kind of growling and I finished breakfast about ten minutes ago so that is a little awkward.

5. There is a strong probability that I will be dead by September. 


I have never been so thankful to see 18 degrees in my life…around 20C is what I would call a perfectly warm summer day. Annnnnd, it’s basically been ten degrees above that from 6am to 10pm this past week. I am literally melting. I guess it’s okay because I can justify my excessive iced americanos, but YIKES. This is around 80-90F and those of you in 100+…I will pray for you.

6. Celsius vs. Fahrenheit. I remember in the winter when I wanted to see what kind of weather all you Americans were complaining about, I would sometimes switch my weather to Fahrenheit. I definitely laughed when it was -30C here and the Southerners were freezing their butts off in 5C, buuuuut, I definitely didn’t when I forgot to switch it back and thought it was magically 30 degrees in January. Hey, a girl can dream, right? (Note: long-term brain freezes do not allow the pain of such hot weather to be remembered amidst the pain of such cold weather. It’s a survival mechanism.)

7. My new obsession.


YEAH, there are no words for this. Other than, I think know I need a piece of toast ASAP.

8. I walked into a wall this morning. Thought you might like to know. 😉

9. There is a drink called the Philosopher’s Stone. I REALLY want to have it on my 18th birthday, but it has about 4 different types of alcohol and I feel like that would end really badly considering I would probably get drunk on 1 shot. BUT IT’S CALLED THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE. Life is hard.

10. 48 days until I move to Vancouver. Don’t freak out don’t freak out don’t freak out.

Make me feel less crazy and tell me what’s on your mind today! 


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud.

  1. So let’s talk espresso. During finals week I’m on about 6 shots a day to help power me through my day, but since then my tolerance has gone wayyy lower and I’m not even sure how I didn’t spend all my time running around like a crazy person from all the caffeine. Still, coffee <3.

    AND YES to #2. Whenever I go to a make-your-own-salad place it's always like one leaf of lettuce and then a mountain of toppings.

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