1 Day Aspartame Free

Yes…one day is all I lasted. On Sunday I decided that I was making my health a priority and stopped all forms of gum chewing/artificial sweetener consuming and felt GREAT! I craved gum, definitely, but what I didn’t crave was sugar. It was so interesting – normally, even when I’m full, I want something sweet 24/7. But when I wasn’t tricking my body with fake sugar, it was satisfied with real food!

salad Both this…

werthersAnd this!

It just wanted something to chew on. 😉

I almost made it to 2 days…but then I went to a movie. (go see 22 jump street! I think there was a total of about 60 seconds in the entire film that I wasn’t laughing/giggling). I had an internal battle with myself over whether or not I would get a diet coke and then I caved. But this is how I am going to look at it: I will have it if I am at a movie or it is directly offered to me. I will NOT go and seek it out myself! And I will definitely not have it every day…SO bad.

Also interestingly, almost immediately after I started drinking it I got a headache. In denial, I chalked it up to coincidence and happily finished my drink. But when it didn’t go away all night and is STILL hanging out today, it got me thinking. I distinctly remember the last two times I’ve had a migraine and both occurred after chewing a disgustingly excessive amount of gum. Like, 2/3 of a pack in the span of a couple hours excessive.

Does aspartame give me migraines?! Maybe…who even knows what kind of scary crap is in that stuff. All I know now is that I have even MORE incentive to avoid it.

smoothieWant a sweet drink? Green smoothies to the rescue! 

I think that people turn to aspartame when they are trying to cut calories, lose weight, and be “healthier”. I used to think that way, so I get it! But are you really “healthy” if you are tricking your body into being thinner, and confusing it by feeding it things it doesn’t know how to process?

I would way rather eat things like oatmeal, whole grains, fruits/veggies, yogurt, etc. and focus on the quality of my food rather than any irrelevant numerical values associated with it.


Do you consume aspartame? Thoughts? 


6 thoughts on “1 Day Aspartame Free

  1. Oh man I think we could be twins. This morning, I resisted the urge to binge by chewing on gum. Which is good, I believe, until it turned into a half of a pack of gum. And then come the headaches. Yuuuup. I gotta kick this habit!! I don’t know how to do it!!

  2. I used to be pretty big on diet coke before I made a few lifestyle changes to focus on my health. It’s crazy how addicting that stuff can get! Congrats on going a day without gum, though, that’s a great start! Also, your sandwiches=amazing looking <3.

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