Weekend Recap – WAY OUT THERE!

Way out of where, might you ask?


comfort zone

I’m not going to lie – during grade twelve, my weekends consisted of two thing: work and studying. I was SO not a party animal and was very very focused on my goals: get into UBC and kick ass in my half marathon.

Now that those have been accomplished (well…we will find out 100% next week – pray for my exam results) I have actually been LIVING on the weekends! It’s such a concept, hey?

Last weekend I went out to the lake on a whim to hang out with an old friend and a whole bunch of people I have never met. I was a little nervous going into it but it ended up being SO FUN! I almost backed out so many times but I am so glad that I didn’t – just goes to show that some of the best experiences are the ones you don’t expect!

I went go-carting (reeeeeaaalllyyyy freaking fast), almost died in a sportscar doing donuts, roasted marshmallows at 2am and just totally relaxed. It was a beauty.

rush-movie-2013I did fare better than Niki Lauda…(didn’t expect to love that movie either!)

Then, this weekend, we went to WICKED! I am SO not a musical/drama/theater person whatsoever in the slightest so I was not really expecting to enjoy myself. Again…I am SO GLAD I proved myself wrong! Every single person in that production, even the extras, were absolutely phenomenal singers and dancers. Don’t even get me started on the leads…I teared up when they hugged at curtain.

Having been in a grand total of one high school play in my entire life, and knowing how all-consuming that was, I honestly cannot imagine the effort and dedication it would take to be in a professional performance like this! WOW. Just wow.

wickedI think they actually really like each other. 

Although now I’m heartbroken that I can’t find a soundtrack for THAT EXACT SHOW with THOSE EXACT SINGERS. Not okay.

Welp. I’m off to go do bicep curls while tossing my hair and telling everyone at the gym how “popular” I can make them. 😉 Better that than loathing!

Have you ever seen Wicked? If the answer is no then put your life on pause and see it.


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