Awesome People At The Gym.

Okay, I’m starting this post off by saying that I LOVE LEG DAY! I only squat about half my bodyweight right now but I can feel my legs getting stronger and I absolutely LOVE the look of strong legs.

I still had a great workout today, but the wind got knocked out of my sails juuuuuuust a little bit by a few idiots poor gym newbies. (The title was sarcastic if you didn’t get that)

1. Pullups in the squat rack. You guys, the squat rack is literally 3 feet away from two HUGE pullup bars. That were 200% empty. And there we have this great guy doing set after set of pullups and nobody (me) could get their squat on. Even after warming up on the bike and starting with cable kickbacks, he was STILL IN THERE! Finally he switched to the captain’s chair and I immediately jumped in. I had to laugh though when he came back as soon as I finished my sets (the pull-up bar was still empty).


2. Machine hogs. I get that sets sometimes take a long time, especially when you are lifting really heavy and need a lot of rest. But man, when you are literally spending SIXTY MINUTES on the ONLY Smith Machine in the gym doing bench press after bench press and there are three empty ones twenty feet away from you, I’m going to get a bit annoyed. I physically cannot lift enough weight over my head to get heavy enough for my calf raises so I ended up having to scrap them for lighter ones. Not the end of the world, by any means, but it just felt really disrespectful.

rerackAnd when he finally did leave…

3. Or the mirror hog. This one doesn’t really bother me but MAN is it funny. I stand in front of the mirror when I do plie squats just to make sure that my legs are turned out enough, and let’s say it took me  ~7 minutes to do 4 x 8 reps. The ENTIRE time the guy beside me was staring at his arms, flexing. Biceps, triceps, oh, let’s not forget the angry Arnold GR that goes with the gun show.

Skinny-FlexYou may be ripped but you look just as funny. 


One thought on “Awesome People At The Gym.

  1. This is hilarious, Emma! Sorry that you had to deal with the annoying people, though. I had the same thing happen to me where one guy was doing reps on an ab machine, then would sit there for 5+ minutes. It was super annoying because I had to change the entire plan for the day simply because of him. Also, when people don’t wipe down the machines … yuck.

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