Thinking Out Loud. My Thoughts Have No Title.

Can I just start with a “Three cheers for Thinking Out Loud” ?! I literally came up with 5 new post ideas in an hour when I spent all day yesterday brainstorming to no avail. Amanda, YOU ROCK! Thanks for hosting the randomness!

1. I DID IT AGAIN! I didn’t post on Wednesday. I just could not think of ANYTHING to write about. I don’t want my blog to become (even more) just pointless posts about my thoughts about the eggs I ate for breakfast. I wrote a thoughtful post on Monday, a veeeery real glimpse inside my random brain on Tuesday, and come Wednesday had nothing. No food pictures/desire = no WIAW= no blog update. These are dark times, friends. Something needs to change.

2. The weather changed. I want to say I’m a fan, and I do love the sun but…HOLY MAN ALIVE IS IT HOT!!! I walked to work yesterday and nearly died in a pool of my own sweat. I 100% know you wanted that mental image. I had better get used to it because no car life = walking everywhere. I don’t really mind… most of the time.

weatherThis is a cool spring day for some of you but I’m not cut out for this. 

3. I’m normal now. Well…partially. 😉 I slept in until 7 AM this morning! Yes…judge me as much as you want that that is a major sleep in for me. I’ve been used to jumping out of bed around 5am so it was very interesting. In a way, I like being a functioning human at 10pm but it also annoys me not to eat breakfast/start my day until 10am once I’m done with the gym/shower/transport/etc. #firstworldproblems.

4. We are allowed to have #FWP! I feel like there is/was this big movement against the phrase “First world problems” because they aren’t problems…well of course they aren’t! That is the point of the whole hashtag. People complain/rant a little, than hashtag/say #firstworldproblems because they are RECOGNIZING that their problem is not actually a real problem in the grand scheme of things! I don’t know. People are so sensitive nowadays.


5. Do you want to talk about sensitive…MY STOMACH. It has literally been freaking out on and off for the past two weeks now. I can’t really pinpoint what’s causing it…a lot of the time’s its bothered me I’ve had dairy/whey protein before, but not every time. I also eat yogurt regularly with no problemo so I am confused and it annoys me.

coffee3How can so much beauty cause so much pain? 

6. Which is quite the problem because holy man alive am I STARVING lately! I’ve been working out a lot more, (hello free time), not excessively but still substantially and my body is definitely compensating. Not that I’m complaining…why yes I would like breakfast #3 by 10am, thank you. 🙂

7. I’m in a breakfast rut. I’m not sure if that is actually the correct term since there are no breakfasts appealing to me lately. I’m sick of yogurt bowls, smoothies make me starving 2.2 seconds later, and there is no way on God’s green earth I am eating anything remotely hot in this weather. You know it’s a sad day when breakfast isn’t the best meal of the day.

wafflesNow which personal chef wants to come help me out?? 

8. I’m also still too addicted to gum. Every day I say I’m going to give it up and then I just don’t. I HATE the fact that I’m ingesting so much aspartame/so many chemicals but I just caaaaaan’t stop. I’ve mostly curbed the vitamin water/zevia addiction but this one just won’t die. I’m 100% sure it’s contributing to the stomach issues above though so I really need to get a hold of myself. I also think it may be causing me migraines…but that’s another post for another day!

9. FIND ME BOOKS. I’ve been reading really average/easy reading books lately because I just have not been able to find anything to suck me in! I’ve been enjoying what I’ve been reading, but I haven’t found anything near amazing in far too long. It’s either too sci-fi/romantic/complicated that I just give up after the first few pages. I am a bookworm through and through so I am absolutely DYING for some suggestions, please!

10. But I might not be around to read them. We bought a jar of citrus-flavoured gummy vites and I have been overdosing on them SO BADLY it is not even funny anymore. I’m going to die.

What time is sleeping in for you? 

Tell me one of your addictions! 


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud. My Thoughts Have No Title.

  1. I was going to say that the gum chewing might be contributing to the stomach woes, buuuuuut I guess you know that 😛 That being said, I’ve been dealing with a wonky stomach lately too, so maybe it’s something in the water? Or maybe it could come down to a change in exercise routine and the need for more food? I know that my stomach issues kind of started around the same time that I started biking a lot more, and I know that exercise can irritate a sensitive stomach, so it’s all about just experimenting and trying to figure out what works with food and rest and what not.

  2. Let me know if you find any good book suggestions, because I’m seerrriouuusslllyyy lacking on that front as well! It’s a shame since I have so much more time in the summer to read, but haven’t been able to jump back on the wagon at all. I’m sorry your stomach has been bothering you lately- so weird!

  3. Gum addiction still here too. Sigh. Some day we will kick it, Emma!! I believe in us!!

    Breakfast #3… You understand me. With running at 7am every day, the amount of breakfast I eat is insane. Insane.

    I really hope your stomach issues clear up soon!!

    Books? I just finished The Art of Racing In The Rain. If you’re a dog person, I definitely recommend it!! 🙂

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