So, it is currently 8:56pm on a Sunday night and while my apparently cooler-than-me mother is off at concert, I’m chilling out on my bed. I could be bored/annoyed but instead I am bursting with happiness. 🙂

Reason #1: Remember when I was stressing out about my french oral exam? I GOT 95 PERCENT! Holy mother alive I honestly thought the teacher was lying to make me feel better when she said I spoke very well. And then on the written composition, listening comprehension and multiple choice I got between 88-89%! Given how much I have fallen in love with the French language this makes me so so so happy that I am actually getting better at it. I have a chance to live in France after all!!


Which, speaking of, I have made a decision…I am moving to France. I have it all planned out – I’m going to spend four months there taking a French course and soaking up the culture, study abroad in England for eight months then do the same thing again in France for four more months before heading back home! And then once I get my degree and make seventeen million dollars a year I will return to buy a villa in France. 🙂


Reason #2: #themgainzbro. Yep, I’ve been cheating on running. I have been talking lately about how I have been struggling to go on longer runs, and now I realize that was a sign that I needed to take a break from running. So now it’s ALL about the heavy lifting! It’s too funny actually, I used to absolutely DESPISE weight lifting but now I literally want to go every single day! Finding a new goal of building muscle has totally renewed my passion for fitness and healthy living and I am SO EXCITED to finally have muscles.

Although…I could do without being sore for SEVEN DAYS after leg day. At least I can walk now.

shinee-shuffleOnly about 0.001% as coordinated. Plus a lot more tripping. 

In other news: I still have one diploma exam left and omg it’s just so painful. I try to study trigonometry but every time I see a graph I just cringe. 39 more hours until FREEDOM. Less than that when you’re reading this.

In other other news: I still have every single intention to run the Boston Marathon. That is an unwavering dream of mine and will occur at some point in my life. But I’m not even eighteen yet – I’ve got 100 more years of hardcore fitness ahead of me. 😉

Do new goals invigorate you? I WANT TO SQUAT.

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