Thinking Out Loud: My Intro Needs an Intro.

So this intro is really an into TO the intro, if that makes any sense at all.

It’s THINKING OUT LOUD day which means that all my thoughts get to be ordered all nice and neat and pretend to be logical. 🙂


Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

1. So that intro. I didn’t post yesterday, and I’ve been missing more Wednesdays than I want to. I used to be SO in the habit of WIAW, but I’m sort of…not right now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love reading everyone else’s posts, but I just feel like mine are kind of pointless. I don’t take a picture of every single thing I eat (and there is a lot of fridge snacking around here), so the comparison trap scares me, plus my meals have just been pretty boring lately.

sandwichCheese sandwiches 4 lyfe. 

That will hopefully change once school is out but I need to come up with something else to do on Wednesdays!

2. Two. More. Exams. And one is ten minutes long – it’s a French oral exam, though, so pray for me. But maybe you should save your prayers for the math diploma on Tuesday worth 50% of my grade…I haven’t started studying yet…yeah do that.

3. Remember how I said my meals weren’t exciting? I LIED!! Well actually I didn’t, but my sandwich yesterday was BOMB.COM. I haven’t posted a recipe in approximately 8.7 years but I am thinking I will have to publish a sandwich recipe for this because it was divine.

4. I attempted to do speedwork. Note: attempted. I think my first interval was around a 6:30 pace(?!) and then I completely died and slowly jogged for the rest of ~1.5 miles. Yeah not breaking any records any time soon, apparently. 😉


5. Something I’m terrified to attempt: overnight oats. Please don’t judge me but I literally have six empty nut butter jars in my fridge “waiting” for overnight oats. I’m really weird about only wanting to eat “non-portable food” at home aka hot meals, so I just never feel like cold oats. But…yeah this is getting ridiculous.

6. I wish I had one post per thought today. You guys have no idea how much I have started off writing for each of these points…and then I realize that this will end up being 2000 words long if I continue so I censor myself but DANG I like talking to you guys! And talking in general…

7. Leg day. Don’t try to catch a bus after it. That is all I have to say about that.


8. Apparently my French isn’t as stellar as I thought it was. I was singing this one line from a song in my head and was 200% CONVINCED it was “le pain de sejour” which means “bread from abroad”. Turns out it is actually “les graines du futur” which looks like it means “bread from the future?” Either way a) I suck at listening to French and b) that country has some wacky bread.

9. I need a hot dog STAT. Everywhere I look walking around there is a delicious vendor selling hot dogs but it always ends up being right after lunch/right before a planned dinner/right after dinner so I never get one. Painful I tell ya.

10. It has been three days since I had espresso. Not okay with this. Off to change it. 🙂

It’s been three days since you…_________?


14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: My Intro Needs an Intro.

  1. Good luck on your French oral exam! For my AP French testing when I was a senior in high school, we had to have a recorded conversation with an automated disk of someone talking and it was the scariest thing ever. You’re going to KILL it! Good luck with math as well!

    Also, go get yo’ coffeeeee girl! I’m sitting here reading your blog and sipping on a homemade latte. My soul is happy 😉

    • That sounds SO MUCH SCARIER! At least for this exam, when I paused with a totally blank mind, the teacher jumped in and helped me out. 🙂 French went amazing, math notsomuch. But who needs it, right?

      Homemade lattes = heaven. Thanks girlie. ❤

  2. Good luck on your French exam! I took French in high school, and thank goodness we never had oral exams because I would have failed all of them. I can understand it, but I’m not so good at speaking it.
    I am the same way with speedwork! I need to do it, but it terrifies me. I did an interval workout on the treadmill the other day and died after the first set. My legs simply do not move that fast!

  3. Good luck on your French test! J’adore parler le français. Wow that was hard to type on a French keyboard. That sandwhich looks Awesome, I am all about them cheese sandwiches!

  4. 3 days since you had an espresso?!?! Girllllll! Not acceptable! It’s been one day since I’ve had one, but that’s mostly because I needed something with a little more caffeine today so I opted to go for a regular black coffee over my usual Americano. I blame the nasty weather.

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