Bookworm Break: The Selection.


I officially have 0 full days of classes left in high school. Thank heaven almighty.


Not him.

With no important classes today and the end-of-year barbecue tomorrow, I get to spend aaaallllll my time thinking/stressing/worrying about exams. Maybe a little studying thrown in there too.

But instead of that, I think devouring books is a lot more fun, no? I just read 2 books in 24 hours. I’m not even sure how that’s possible but holy man was I sucked into The Selection by Kiera Cass.


It’s a bit of a teen-fluff novel, which is perfect for those times when you have so much on your plate and just want to relax with a book, not have to use your brain even more. It’s dystopian without being super sci-fi, and is basically an adorable love story that even got me rooting for a couple. I’m not usually the type to like books like that – I really dislike the John Greene books, Sarah Dessen, etc. I just think they are way too cheesy and pointless. This series, though, is honestly breathtaking. 

It follows America Singer, caste 5 out of 8 (with 8 being the lowest and 1 the royal family) swept away from everything she’s ever known as she is picked to be a part of The Selection, which is basically The Bachelor for Maxon Schreave, Prince of Ilea. She battles between her feelings for her boyfriend back home, a six, and her unexpected ones for Maxon, a boy she assumed she would despise. As you can imagine, when you put 35 girls in one palace competing over a hot royal guy, there is bound to be a teeeeensy bit of drama. It’s funny, though, and keeps the book from being completely romance-obsessed.

I am already done with The Selection and The Elite, and today I plan to tear through The One, hopefully not die when it is finished and then get back to Pride & Prejudice .

What is your favourite book right now?! Because clearly I don’t need to study.


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