After 13.1: What’s Next.

Welp, this is awkward.

I totally disappeared from the blog world last week. I wish that I could say some crazy awesome thing happened and I flew off to London to buy a house or something, but alas I cannot.

You know that moment when you suddenly realize something (not great), and you’re just like


That was me  on Tuesday when I realized that I had a French written composition final Wednesday, three-chapter trigonometry exam on Monday, and a minor little thing – my MOST IMPORTANT diploma exam the following Thursday.

Add to the fact that I have negative time Wednesdays and Thursdays because I am literally out of my house for 15+ hours and you have one little stress ball. Sadly, I just could not blog. My free time was devoted to collapsing on my bed. BUT I’M BACK. I feel pretty caught up now so I’m hoping that this week will be back to normal. 🙂

So…running…I didn’t do much of it last week. I definitely planned to take things easy after my half marathon on Sunday, but it was SO weird to not have my life revolve around running! I decided to take my easy week in the form of cutting back mileage but maintaining/increasing intensity. My runs ended up being short but awesome!

Monday: OFF. Try not to limp too obviously

Tuesday: OFF. Foam roller + Emma = BFF for life. Yes, I intentionally wrote best friends forever for life.

Wednesday: 3 miles @ 7:57: first mile @ 8:16, then 7:41 and 7:53. These should have felt like a decently-hard tempo for me but I was literally SPRINTING! Hello, zero speed.

national-running-dayObligatory National Running Day instagram pic.

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 3 miles @ 7:31. THERE WE GO. I wanted to throw up after this run but it felt amazing!

Saturday: OFF (but I sprinted around work for 6 hours so speed work = done)

Sunday: 5 miles @ 8:20. I set out for this run with one intention: run as far and as fast as I want (or not). I actually didn’t even look at my watch until I was at 4.8 miles, so I decided to finish at an even 5! My splits were actually pretty awesome, around 8:03-8:08 with the exception of miles 3 and 4 that were in the 8:40 range. 30 second jump in pace…classic.

SO why am I telling you this? Because that half marathon gave me the racing BUG and now I have all kinds of lofty big goals that I want to work towards! I definitely cannot go back to “just running”, so I have decided on some milestones that I want to hit at some point.

5k: 21:30 (ultimately sub 20:00)

10k: sub-45:00

Half Marathon: sub 1:45:00

Marathon: sub 3:35

My huge, ultimate, life goal for running is the BOSTON MARATHON. Aka the sub 3:35 marathon time. Obviously, seeing as I have run a grand total of one half marathon and zero marathons, this is not going to happen for some time. But I’m setting smaller goals that will eventually get me there! I’m nervous and excited…but mostly excited. 🙂

Tell me one of your running goals! 


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