Thinking Out Loud…And So The Procrastinating Begins.

Yeah, that title…no. Just no. It’s that time of year again, folks…diploma time. Although I am super proud of myself for actually starting studying for my English diploma, it’s so hard to concentrate when there are so many fun things to be doing! Also, half the world has been off school for what seems like forever and I’m freaking jealous. But I digress. It’s Thinking Out Loud day, so let’s get right to it!


1. I am reading Pride & Prejudice for the fifth time in 3 months. No wonder I haven’t been making any progress on my 100 book challenge – it seems like I always have my nose in this stupid thing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic book and I definitely enjoyed reading it…but it gets old after a while and picking apart the themes and characters is not actually super fun.

2. I found my perfect major. Just as I was beginning to freak out MORE about what I want to major in (more of what I don’t, actually), I got an email from UBC saying that they are introducing a Bachelor of Media Studies, which combines creative writing, journalism, critical theory and more! The application process seems extremely competitive and confusing, though, so I’m a little worried because it just seems so perfect!

too-good-to-be-trueNot. Allowed. 

3. I’m bad at going to school. I’m not intentionally missing a ton of class, but it’s just been working out lately that I have barely been there…not that I’m complaining. Grad was on Friday, so no seniors were there, I went home Monday afternoon because I wasn’t feeling well, missed Wednesday thanks to a mid-day appointment, and have a retreat on Tuesday! Thank goodness too, because I don’t think I could handle two more full weeks of school.

4. I have no full weeks of high school left. I’ve been saying “Oh only 2 weeks left!” but that is actually false…I will never have another Monday-Friday in high school. HOLLA.


5. The half marathon is in FOUR DAYS. I can’t believe this didn’t pop into my head until #5! Craziness. I’m honestly not nervous, just super excited. I get to see my old best friend who I have barely spoken to in years, run a super awesome victory lap celebrating all of those 5am wake up calls and eat ALL. THE. FOOD. Well I obviously do that anyway but you know.

6. Seasons don’t agree with me. So, for basically all of winter I was addicted to yogurt bowls and just could not bring myself to eat anything else for breakfast in the morning. Then, just as it starts to warm up, I hop on the oatmeal train. And now that it’s rainy/foggy/justplainGROSS I’m addicted to frozen bananas. Who even knows.


7. Rain, rain….make me happy? I need to figure out how to like the rain. The overcast, rainy type of weather we have been having the past few days is pretty much exactly what I (have been told) I’m going to be dealing with in Vancouver. So I don’t want to think it’s gross and awful! I need some Hunter boots and a really awesome umbrella.

8. How do weather forecasts work? I have been checking the weather in Calgary regularly to see how it will be on Sunday, and it has gone from sunny –> thunderstorm –> rainy –> sunny in the span of about three days. I JUST WANT NICE WEATHER.


9. So…there has been a watermelon sitting in our fridge for 2+ weeks. I really want to eat it but am super intimidated about how to cut it. I hope it’s not rotten…:(

10. It’s time to go take off my nail polish. I kid you not, every single nail has literally half of the polish chipped off. I have been procrastinating (notice a pattern) because it’s the sparkly kind which looks SO NICE but takes approximately 7.9 hours to remove. Maybe I’ll study while doing it. 😉

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud…And So The Procrastinating Begins.

  1. Arghhh the struggle when everyone else is already out of school! I still have another 2 weeks left and finals are coming up reaaal fast. Too fast haha. As far as majors go, that one seems perfectly for you! I’m sure you’ll be able to get in. Just try to have confidence in yourself 🙂

  2. This weather… I can’t even. It’s going to be June in a few days? Because it feels like the beginning of March… at least in places where seasons actually make sense, ’cause you know… the beginning of March here is basically winter. Lucky you won’t have to deal with snow for too much longer 🙂

  3. Rain has a way of getting me in a grey mood too. Weirdly enough, I love a cool cloudy day..without the wet stuff. But hey, since you’re getting into it – a pair if printed wellies and a bright umbrella is bound to perk things up 🙂 .
    Hahaa the easiest way to earn my suspicioun is to play up the “nice-itties”..I mean, its just wrong for ev-e-ry thing to be perfect, right!?

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