High School Graduation + Longest Long Run = I’m A Little Happy.

*Do I say “happy” Memorial Day? I’m not American (obviously) but it seems like something that should be recognized. I know that the American troops have done a lot for us Canadians so respect and gratefulness goes out to them.*

So, this Monday is a little bit awesome. I can’t remember the last weekend I have that was just so genuinely AMAZING. I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday for the first time in MONTHS because of it. 🙂

On Friday I woke up at 5am and ran 12 miles. I then showered, put an exorbitant amount of glitter on my nails, and ate THIS:


That would be a chicken, brie and fig sandwich with a side caesar salad. YUM x 100 000. I definitely ate every bite.

After, I bought shoes, and then didn’t do too much in the evening.

I just graduated from high school, it’s not like it’s that big a deal. 😉


Although I still have a month to go and diploma exams so it’s kind of a fake graduation but YOU KNOW it still rocked.

Despite nearly dying of starvation during the ceremony (we were there from 5pm-11pm, the whole evening was a blur of happiness, excitement and contentment. I think I will do a post on how I feel about graduating after I’m actually done. Because right now I am anti-climatically getting ready to go to French class.

AND THEN SATURDAY WAS THE FUN PART! Not that walking across the stage wasn’t, but sitting in a sweaty robe for hours is not exactly the most fun way to spend an evening. So on Saturday I ate some delicious PB+B oatmeal, got my hurr all did, and then took pictures aaaallll afternoon before our graduation banquet. We drove around in a limo but nixed the champagne (underage and all).


Dinner was surprisingly delicious. Mandarin orange salad, chicken coq au vin, and OREO CHEESECAKE. Our limo appetizer was frozen yogurt. 🙂

The foodstravangza continued on Sunday with this masterpiece.


I probably would have eaten anything at this point (even something SAVOURY, I know, the horror) given the fact that it was 11:30 and all I had eaten was an Emma-sized bowl of carrots. It was so worth the wait though.

But now it’s back to reality! Studying and working, with a teensy little bit of running thrown in there for TAPER WEEK!!!

Best part of your weekend? 

8 thoughts on “High School Graduation + Longest Long Run = I’m A Little Happy.

  1. 12 MILES??! Holy smokes, lady! You’re fab! And at 5 am too haha… you deserve a special medal for that alone. You look absolutely gorgeous and I love love love the beading on your dress! I have a special place in my heart for bejeweled things haha ;). CONGRATS!

  2. The blue dress!! Eek 😀 .. Buuuut I can’t see it all 😦 . Stunning nevertheless! You rocked them heels huh? Goodness Friday was a loooong day; what with starting at 5, running..starving into the night, jeez!
    Your fondness of carrots put our bunnies to shame, I’m pretty certain 😉 .

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