2500 Calories.

Okay, so I know that the title of this post is awkward and weird, especially for me. I spend so much time ranting about calorie counting and how pointless and bad it is, yet here we are.

The thing is, I 150% still believe all of those things above! I am totally on board with the fact that our bodies are not machines: we burn different amounts than a generalized calculator spits out, and not that exact number each and every day.

2000 calories

SO THEN, please tell me why I am spending so much of my time googling “calories for runners”, “2500 calories for teen runners”, etc.

could be reading the super amazing book I just got, but instead I am wasting my precious free time trying to validate fueling myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT going down ANY path of restriction. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. I’m running a lot of miles (for me), 25 miles last week and planning on 26 this week. It’s significantly more than I’m used to and girl is hunnnngry. I also rather enjoy chocolate and have developed the (awesome) tendency of eating whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it.


Most of the time I’m genuinely hungry when I do this. But sometimes I just feel like eating! Annnnd, then I gain some weight. And I look in the mirror and feel flabby.

“Who cares how much I’m running if I look like I sit on the couch all day?”

“Man, I really need to get back in shape before university.”

“THAT’S IT, green smoothies and salads from now on.”


But let’s be honest here, yogurt bowls with copious amounts of nut butter, sandwiches, ice cream and chocolate win every time. So why do I do this to myself?!

I added up my daily calories from yesterday and today. Both were 2400 calories. Instead of WASTING my life away googling random pointless questions, I need to just ignore it in the first place. I ran 10 miles on Saturday, 5 on Monday and just got back from 6.2 today. I NEED FOOD. I need lots of food and no calculator is going to know my exact body and amount of exercise.

Moral of the story: Listening to your body is hard. But necessary. Chocolate is good. But maybe don’t eat 10 Lindt easter eggs per day. And waffles are delicious, but when you snack on them all day in addition to regular meals and snacks, it may not be the smartest plan.

I made a salad for lunch tomorrow. And am going for frozen yogurt after school. 🙂


6 thoughts on “2500 Calories.

  1. I think you’re on the right track trying to listen to your body more and more. It can be such a challenge when culture tells women to subsist on 1200 measly calories a day. I’m pregnant, and therefore have to eat more, and listening to my body has been key to helping me do this without worrying about my weight gain.

  2. It’s weird how our minds work sometimes. We tell ourselves one thing, but can’t help but do them anyway! I think you definitely have the right mindset about this, though. Your body NEEDS energy! All those miles have to be fueled by something! Maybe add in some extra veg instead of copious amounts of chocolate (chocolate is good for the soul, so DON’t cut or restrict any of the good stuff!).

    Balance is key! It’s just tricky to find haha

  3. I think the best “diet” involves a little bit of everything and not worrying about it. Especially if you exercise regularly. If your body is craving chocolate then either your body or your mind needs it! And a little bit of chocolate is good for you anyway. As you say, maybe not 10 Easter eggs per day but I don’t begrudge myself my snacks cos I know I eat loads of veg so my overall diet is healthy!! Although this week is taper week so exercise levels are down but hunger seems to be up… Why is that?!

  4. Girl you are burning tons of energy!..if there is any reason to be concerned about colories – I’d say it’s to make sure you’re eating ENOUGH. So important. And I say honor those cravings..there’s time when only veg will do and time for chocolate 😀 !

  5. Good luck reaching your calorie track! It’s so hard to balance your diet when your running a lot, because you are always extra hungry. I actually feel like I do better when I’m running a lot, because I think to myself well I just ran my ten miles I don’t want to ruin it by eating this.

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