The BEST Training Recap You Will EVER Read EVER.

Well now isn’t that a little confident?

BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS oh my goodness this week of running was just perfect beyond words and I literally want to run all the time. If I ran every time I felt like it I would probably be outside 20x/week…at least. It is a little ridiculous but I am taking that as a good sign that I am peaking right when I should be around my half marathon. 🙂

All of my runs just felt so EASY! And not that I usually do, but I never found myself counting down the miles/minutes until I was done. I was genuinely ENJOYING myself, which, honestly, should be the point of running to me! Although I would be lying if I said that I would rather be outside than on my couch at mile 10 of my 11 mile long run. 😉

sleep This was most definitely me…both while running and in the hours between collapsing and work. 😉

Onto the running!

Monday: 5 miles @ 10:00. This was my first time running with a run club and it was such a good experience! I’m not too sure if I will go back to this one just because it was a little too “recreational” for me (I think that is wonderful for some people but I am competitive by nature and want to find a training group). Anyway, it was still a good time and we ran super easy, walked up hills and chatted. I ended up running my own 0.5 miles home to

a) Finish my run with even mileage and

b) Get home. In that order.

ronThanks, Ron.

I think I am also glad that I went with a group on Monday because the day before I ran a pretty hard 5 miles (7:46) the day before and the slower running was awesome for recovery.

Tuesday: total body strength. Are you surprised? I’m SO SO SO excited to have time to go to a gym this summer because my super boring bodyweight exercises are killing me. As in walking the plank killing me.

Wednesday: 6.2 miles @ 8:00. I set out to do an easy 10k and then randomly decided that I wanted to break 50 minutes…SO I did some sprinting at the end but it was all good because I made it with two seconds to spare. I really like doing a long-ish weekday run because it makes me feel that much more comfortable going into my long runs!

Thursday: total body strength + 3.2 miles @ 8:12. This run was SO weird for me. I woke up not intending to run (hence the strength training) but since I had gotten up so darn early I didn’t feel like waiting around all morning and got this huge urge to run. I didn’t want to overdo it but I NEEDED to get out there so out I went for 3 easy miles!


I don’t run 3 miles very often any more so I actually looked down at my watch for the first time at 3.1 miles…I was sad it was already over. 😦 But I ran the extra 0.1 to my house because running. I’m sorry but since when is my recovery pace on super tired legs 8:12?!

Friday: OFF. I’m that jerk now that hates rest days. I never used to understand it when other people would say that they despised the days that they didn’t work out. BUT now that I am 110% infected with the running bug I get it. I thought about it all day long and it was even worse because I woke up (naturally) at 5:30am with nothing to do but trigonometry…life is rough.

Saturday: 11 miles @ 8:11. So I don’t even know who I am anymore. I paid NO attention to my pace for this entire run and just completely enjoyed myself. I was so in the zone that I ran down a rediculous hill at mile 2 and no way was I running back up it at mile 10 so I ended up doing some nice hill work right at the start of my “easy” long run. I (eventually) recovered though and continued on my merry way. I ended up being moderately uncomfortable for a lot of this run sadly (don’t eat flax toast with nut butter before running, Emma) but my legs felt absolutely amazing. SO yeah, I have one long run left to figure out how to not want to die while running 13.1. This will be interesting. Still, it was a HUGELY successful long run and I am thrilled with it and very proud. 🙂

Although…I am questioning my abilities as a superhuman. I’m writing this at 5:09pm on Sunday night and asking myself why I can’t get into bed right this minute. I woke up Saturday morning at 5am, ran for 90 minutes starting at 7am, came home, showered, worked all day, went out for a dinner and then promptly slept for four hours….yeah to say I’m catatonic today is an understatement. Here’s hoping for some good rest tonight and a lazy (while studying) holiday Monday!

To all of you with the day off: Don’t work all day! Go do something fun. 🙂 And to the rest of you, show Monday who’s boss. 🙂

What do you eat before long runs? 

Do you get the day off today? !


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