WIAW: My [New] Favourite Things

Morning y’all! I really just need to move to the South apparently because y’all is one of my favourite words.

With the exception of eh, of course. Nothing comes between this Canadian and her eh.

I should really just do a post on my favourite words. I have a lot of them. Anywhoville is another one. I also have lots of favourite foods! Which happen to be the point of this post…that I should get back to. 😉

Back when I was having a rough time with food I still had “favourite foods”. Foods that I claimed I absolutely loved and satisfied any sort of craving I might have.

Need something crunchy?


Hmmm….still not satisfied?


I’m obviously craving protein and MORE vegetables.



YUM, right? Aren’t those just the definition of a teenager’s favourite foods?


Nowadays, I have some legitimate favourites.

burgerr1Burger and fries. With the customary ketchup, because is it even a burger without ketchup? 

coffee3Get in my belly you deliciously-not-skim latte. 

ABJSorry I’m not sorry I don’t have time to food prep weekly. This is my lunch 3 out of 4 days a week and I LOVE IT. 

ginger-cookieI don’t think I will ever go to a cafe again without trying their baked goods. It’s insulting to not, right? 🙂 

And don’t worry, there’s still an obscene amount of apples sneaking their way in there. 😉 Now, I’m not saying that only foods deemed slightly less “healthy” can legitimately be a person’s favourite food. HELLO, I still eat apples and carrots by the igloo (yes I am making that a phrase) and natural peanut butter with sprouted grain bread is my jam. But you know what else is my jam? Jam on a croissant. And rich, creamy, omgwholemilk lattes. Because, I’m sorry, but putting 2.3 grains of salt on cucumber does not make it taste like dessert. It just doesn’t.

Have your food favourites changed lately? 

4 thoughts on “WIAW: My [New] Favourite Things

  1. Ohmygoose yes!..it is so utterly liberating looking back at how favorite foods “evolve” when overcoming any disordered views on eating. Honestly, at one stage I couldn’t even tell you what I liked..having been so restrictive; my tastebuds were unaware of anything beyond blandly prepared veg etc. Love you you’re hitting that balance :)..and having me crave fries and ketchup.
    Anywhoville <- so sassy!

  2. 1) I love your fave foods
    2) My favorite foods have evolved so much! I used to “love” edamame, which I have trouble eating now because I ate waaaay too much of it then. Now my favorite food is Saladworks Salad or lattes/frappucinos ❤ (with omgwholemilk) <—- which I never allowed myself to get before

  3. I eat pretty healthy most of the time. I wouldn’t say my food favorites have changed, but lately I find myself not eating as much peanut butter as I used to. I have been putting butter on my bagels instead. I guess I haven’t had a craving for it. Wish it so weird, because I used to eat it right out of the jar.

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