Christmas in July…Almost. [Thinking Out Loud]

I totally thought that this was the first Thinking Out Loud of May…May all of you not judge me for what I am about to say to you. I know for sure that Amanda won’t! Thanks for hosting the party, girl. 🙂


1. Remember how I mentioned that I was singing Christmas music? Well that is completely justified. I think it has snowed 3? times in the last ~2 weeks. I have no words. This snow is seriously messing with me – on one hand all I want to do is wear shorts and sandals but I’m also starting to really wish it was Christmas. It’s a Christmas craving!

michaelI don’t need anything else in my life.

2. I’m also craving Harry Potter. This has happened before so it’s nothing new. I won’t have anything to do with it for months (sometimes years) and then all I want to do is read/watch it. I’m seriously slacking on reading Harry Potter A L’ecole de Sorciers, though, so perhaps I will crack that open after I finish writing this. 🙂

3. As I write this…it’s 5:28am. When I get super busy I love waking up at 5am to get a ton of stuff done before my actual work (school) day starts. The only thing is, it gets old pretty quickly and soon enough I’m falling asleep while closing at work (at 6:30!). I need to practice being okay with sleeping in until (gasp) seven o’clock!

coffee3Then perhaps this won’t be so necessary…not that I’m complaining.

4. Lululemon stole all my money. I figure, I never go shopping, so why not? Ironically, though, I bought shorts, a t-shirt and a headband. I can tell you that the headband is wonderful…

5. I plan to spend the rest of my money at IKEA. Extra-long twin sheets, anyone? ERMAHGERD if you couldn’t tell from my past few posts I am a little bit excited. I think I am going to start a packing list. Four months isn’t that long right?!


6. Something awkward though…I am walking around with a U of T water bottle and sweater. This needs to change. I’m not sure if I should order a UBC one online or wait until I get to campus! This is a big decision, you guys. But until then I’m going to keep reppin’ Toronto even though they haven’t accepted me. (yet. not that I care)

7. I had grand intentions to bake last weekend. As I said, I LEFT ALL MY HOMEWORK AT SCHOOL. This is literally unheard of for me. I was so excited to come up with a couple of recipes and try out some of the drool-worthy ones I’ve seen floating around lately. Alas, life got in the way on Saturday and Sunday ended up being an “unpack ALL the boxes sort of day” so it didn’t happen. Good thing tomorrow’s Friday!

cookies1Not this weekend. 😦 

8. Baking = yes. Cooking = no. I was on my own for a couple of days, and what do you think I made for dinners? Not that we usually eat fancily most of the time (hello panini) there are generally some actually cooked meals thrown in there. Weeeeelllll let’s just say cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter are a perfectly acceptable dinner. 🙂

9. Don’t put other (hot) cities on your phone’s weather forecast. It’s a cruel and unusual punishment.

texasAll I have to say is…THIRTY-FOUR DEGREES?!

10. Life is going to get pretty amazing in the next few weeks. Not that it’s not always, BUT…next week is normal. The week after is GRAD. And then the one after THAT is my half marathon! Follow that up with my last week in high school, , annnnnnnnnnd diploma time. Some people wouldn’t consider that amazing and while I know I will be super stressed out it’s the last step in making it to UBC! So it’s definitely 1111100000% worth it.

What time did you wake up this morning? 5am wooooooot


2 thoughts on “Christmas in July…Almost. [Thinking Out Loud]

  1. 😆 I blame the fact that I only cook for myself for the reason that I end up eating breakfast for dinner so darn often. It just seems like too much effort to go all out when you’re the only one eating it. Although I will say that I need to start cooking a little more since my veggie intake is slacking big time. Can I blame the snow on that one? I just don’t feel like eating salads in winter 😉

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