Making it Happen [My First Double Digit Run]

Goooooooooood mornin’

Good mornin’!

Good mornin, mornin, mornin!

If anyone can please tell me where on earth that song is from, it would be much appreciated. It’s been stuck in my head for days but I cannot figure it out!

Thanks to the snow (again), guess what else has been stuck in my head?


Yeah. I’m sick, I know. It’s such a good song, though!

So I’m getting into the habit of dedicating a post to my long run each week. I didn’t expect this, but I just end up with so much to say that I can’t fit it into one paragraph in my training updates! I hope these aren’t boring you to tears…please tell me if they are!

I will take whatever measures are necessary to limit my rambling <– although I don’t think I would be willing to have my tongue cut off ala Hunger Games.

Right – still rambling – long run!

On Sunday I had 10 miles on my training plan. On Sunday I woke up to snow. I’m trying to be flexible with my training and not freak out about missing/shuffling days but

a) You can’t skip a long run and

b) I ran twice last week and skipped my long run the week before.

So missing another one was not an option!


I had no intentions of running in the snow like that…so I resigned myself to the treadmill. Since we moved, though, I now have to take a bus to the gym. So I get out to the bus stop about 5 minutes early and wait for the bus to come. And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

20 minutes later, it still hadn’t come. WHAT THE HECK?!

Public transport, man. Anywhoville, I went home. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat. I put together my bed (after a week of sleeping on a mattress…) organized my room and made my house habitable!


And then…I went outside.

I sort of didn’t want to but I also desperately did. Does anybody understand that feeling or am I just a lunatic?

Anyway, there were still some snow flurries but they were honestly not too bad. This run somehow FLEW by. The first time I looked at my Garmin was mile 4 – unheard of for me. I am definitely not a slave to my GPS watch but I generally look at it ~2x per mile. I didn’t want to pysch myself out this time so I did not allow myself to look down. The only reason I even did at this point was so that I knew when to turn around.

I also broke this run up mentally into physical distances to run, not just miles, which helped a lot. I know that some people say to think of  a 9 mile run as 3 3 miles runs, but I just end up thinking “2.5 more 3 mile runs to go…” which kind of defeats the purpose.

What I did, though, was pick a place that I wanted to run to. I did not think about how long/far I had been running until I got to my goal. Well, almost to it, since the BRIDGE WAS CLOSED. Rude. But since that ended up being 4 miles, it was perfect! I ran back the same ish loop, and ended up back around my house at about 7.5 miles.

This was planned. 🙂

For my two weekday runs, I ran the same 5 mile route – 2 loops around a ~2.2 mile circle + some random running up/down streets waiting for the lights to change. I planned to do this after so that I would feel like I was just doing a normal morning run! And it actually worked…I was definitely tired by 10 miles but I did not feel like I was going to die nor did I hate running at the end of it.

Which is always the goal, hey?


I also finished with an average pace of 8:34, 2 seconds faster than last week! No hills, but wind and a mile longer so I’m calling it an improvement. 🙂

My splits also only ranged from 8:11 – 8:59 so that is a HUGE improvement from some previous long runs that I can remember that ranged from 7:30 – 10:00 (literally).

All in all, it is definitely not an understatement to say that this run came SO close to not happening. As usual, though, I am so glad that I made it out the door. I am proud of myself for running 10 miles and am starting to feel really confident and REALLY excited for my first half marathon in ONE MONTH!

How closely do you follow training plans?

Do you struggle getting out to run? I rarely do – I LOVE IT! But long runs are intimidating. 


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