Half Marathon Training Update Week EIGHT!

Four weeks to go until I run 13.1 consecutive miles…


I can’t wait! Back when  my longest run was 7 miles that was literally an unfathomable task. But now that I have run 10 (!) it doesn’t seem so scary anymore. What does seem scary, though, is the fact that I have only TWO more long runs left until the race. There’s also a 10K race/cutback scheduled in there. How did that even happen?!

I really need to start practicing my pre-race routine. The Calgary Marathon starts at 7am, and I have been doing all of my long runs around 10ish. But for these last two, I’m just going to have to force a 5am wakeup call. Next week shouldn’t be too bad, considering Sunday is supposed to have a high of TWENTY-TWO DEGREES. Guess what happened this past Sunday, though?




We had spring in January, then winter, then spring, then winter, then spring, and now winter AGAIN? I honestly have no idea who Alberta is talking to but this needs to stop. Or, you know, stop and then do whatever the heck it wants in September. 😉

Back to the running! This was a very solid week of training for me, which is much appreciated given my barely-decent 2 weeks prior. I hit the elusive (for me) 20 miles so that makes me smile of course! I also had TWO strength training workouts which is obviously 9888x better than one.

Monday: OFF. My legs.

Tuesday: 40 minutes full body strength training. My legs were still a bit sore but I NEED to stay on the injury-free train so I did my usual random combination of legs, arms, and abs. Nothing too intense!

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:12. I really LOVE getting my runs in first thing in the morning these days. It is just so relieving to not have to worry about it during the day, and who doesn’t feel like a rockstar after waking up at 5am to run?! My legs felt a little gross for the first half and at some points I struggled to stay under a 9:00 pace. But then I warmed up and did the last two sub 8!

Thursday: 30 minutes full body strength. I did more physio-type exercises and tried to focus on my back and glutes. Plus I did an obliques Blogilates printable instead of abs because I am trying to be balanced. 🙂

muffin-topHorrible name…but holy OW does this work! 

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:05 pace. I LOVED THIS RUN! Unlike Tuesday, I was not looking at my Garmin and trying to maintain a certain pace. I ran 90% by feel and then pushed the last bit. I’m not really sure how an “easy: run turned into 5 miles just above 8:00 but I will definitely take it!

Saturday: OFF. Resting the legs for double digits!

Sunday: 10 miles @ 8:34. There are so many things that went into this run almost not happening but I am proud to say that I got out there and made it happen. It was snowy, it was windy, but I was RUNNING because I am a tank and cannot be stopped. I really believe that my runs during the week are what made this long run literally FLY by! Confidence = success.


How is the weather where you are?

Want to kill Alberta for me?!

3 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Update Week EIGHT!

  1. We have been having some pretty good weather over here in Washington. I will try to send some of it your way 🙂 So proud of you for running on Sunday in the Snow! I could never do that, I would freeze my tail off.

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