What I Ate Moving Week.

How is it Wednesday already?! You guys…tomorrow is MAY. I graduate in May. May is my last month of high school. That was the strangest thing to type but I guess it’s time to face reality…and start studying for diplomas. šŸ˜‰

Speaking of crazy, let’s talk about last week! I disappeared on Thursday/Friday, but only because MOVING DAY was on Wednesday. So it’s safe to say there haven’t been a lot of fancy-schmancy eats going on around here. ThereĀ haveĀ been, however, some eats that are pretty delicious in their simplicity.

Let’s get on with WIAW, shall we? As per usual, thanks for hosting, Jenn!

Luckily,Ā breakfastsĀ haven’t changed too much. I’m a little bit of a nut about my breakfast in the morning – it’s the only time I stop all day, so I like to take my time and relax with it. Lunch is 99% of the time eaten while working and dinner doesn’t happen until 8pm +, so I make sure to set my day off on the right foot with my morning meal.

yogurtMy all time favourite breakfast is not goingĀ anywhere!Ā Plain greek yogurt with an apple, muesli and almond butter.Ā Absolutely last meal worthy.Ā 


You can bet thatĀ lunchesĀ have been the epitome of quick and easy. And although it would be quickerĀ and easierĀ to just buy food at the cafeteria, I still like to try and getĀ someĀ nutrition.


Enter: PB + J with organic peanut butter and all-natural strawberry jam on sprouted grain flax bread. Healthy, comforting, simple and delicious! I don’t know how I could need anything more. šŸ™‚

There has definitely been a lot ofĀ snackingĀ around these parts, but not the usual “here is my snack” type of situation. Lately, it’s been more of “OH GOOD GOD I’M STARVING” and grab a handful of nuts, a bite of a granola bar, etc. What thereĀ hasĀ been, though, is COFFEE. All the coffee. I’ve been escaping to my coffee shop to get some homework done and haveĀ obviouslyĀ been fuelling my studies with espresso.



You don’t even need to guess what dinners have been. I know you know.



The new combo is garlic and herb laughing cow + hummus with turkey slices and cheddar on sprouted flax bread. YUM. I have no need for any other meals. I lied, I think a panini would be my last meal over a yogurt bowl.

What do you eat when you’re moving?Ā 

OR, what do you eat when you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off and have no time to even breathe? šŸ˜‰Ā 


6 thoughts on “What I Ate Moving Week.

  1. Eeeek congrats on moving haha! I might be moving soon, as we got an offer on our house yesterday šŸ™‚ your eats are still super duper yummy! I’ve got to try that muesli breakfast combo. LOVE muesli. And that panini?! omg! Amazing! So jealos of your sprouted bread – I’ve never had anything sprouted before! Where do you get it?

    • Thank you!! Good luck with moving – it can be crazy but SO exciting. šŸ™‚

      I buy Silver Hills Squirrely Bread! I don’t think there’s much in Canada that you can’t get in the US so hopefully you can find it!

  2. Whenever I’m running around like a crazy person I always try to grab something quick and easy and healthy. If I know km going to be out and I about I try to pack food but that usually doesn’t happen

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