A New PDR – 9 Miles!

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to recap my long run today – and that I am!

I ran nine miles on Sunday – and I can barely walk. OUCH. I felt strong while running but am seriously repping 85 year old man walking status right now.

bambi-walkingOr, you know, a deer.

Let me just start off by saying that I have NEVER felt so much anxiety before  a run! My stomach was in knots, I was irritable, and it took me 15 minutes to decide which bottoms to wear. I ended up with the always classy look of leggings under shorts. Hey, you know you’re jealous. It was too cold to just wear shorts but I needed somewhere to put my fuel, and my leggings didn’t have any pockets. So onwards I went.

I feel like I need to preface what I am about to say with the fact that not ONCE EVER in my running experience have my shoes EVER come untied. I am literally saying that I have been running (on and off) for years and I have never had a shoe come untied while running. Well, 0.6 miles into my long run and my left shoe comes untied.


I get irritated, but stop, pause my Garmin and then go to continue on when, guess what? I can’t resume! I had to save it and start a new run. I wasn’t about to finish with an 8.3 on my watch so I decided to completely start from 0. 0.05 miles later, my right shoe comes undone! Luckily it was that early instead of another mile later. So anyway, I discarded that run, retied my shoes tightly and started running.

I wasn’t horribly bothered by this but I was not super happy! Once I got down into the river valley, though, I felt a lot better. There was a race going on, and I ended up running near who I think was the top male. This was around mile 3 so I was going too fast, and saw some 7:3x splits. The only reason I am saying this is because he literally sprinted past me up a hill! Goodness knows how fast he was running. Regardless, I got a really nice boost of energy and ate a Honey Stinger energy chew at this point.

imagesConfession: I said this the other day and had NO idea which movie it was from. 

The next few miles went by FAST. I just listened to my music and kept running forwards. There was a loooooong open stretch of road in front of me so it sort of felt like I was running in a dream world. I ate another chew at mile 4.7 because I my legs were getting sore and I started to struggle to keep my pace under 9 minute miles. Since I want to finish sub-2 in my half, my only pace limit is that I HAVE to be under 9 minute miles. I love it when I’m around 8:30 but I won’t kill myself for it. I really felt the effects of this fuel though and clicked off some more miles.

Mile 6 was rolling hills. I wanted to punch myself for running down them in the first place and got so out of breath running up them. I think it was literally an entire mile of uuuuuuuup, tiny flat, uuuuuuup, tiny flat, repeat.

Somehow I made it out of the ravine and to the top alive, and started running reeeeaaaally fast to clock some ~8:30 miles. I think my legs were tired. Also, right before I finished, I felt like I was running the exact same pace and I was at 10:30. Interesting hey?


Things I learned from this run:

  • ALWAYS check to make sure your shoes are tied well. Especially if you take them on and off seven hundred times before leaving.
  • Run UP a hill at the beginning of a run and then you get to run down it!
  • Buy compression socks and your calves will thank you.
  • Sprint to catch Mr. Speedy winning the race (okay don’t actually but wouldn’t that be fun?)

And THAT my friends, is what happened on the day that I ran for one hour, seventeen minutes and thirty-two seconds. Plus six minutes and change but we don’t talk about that. I hope you have a great Tuesday!


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