WIAW: Dessert > Meals

My name is Emma, and I have a problem. A sugar addiction, specifically. The main difference here though is that I have NO desire to change it. 🙂 Meals always need to end on a sweet note around here, and so do snacks. Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW, so that you can all experience a sugar coma along with me. 🙂

Enter my new world of eating: Forget breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. This is how it’s really done:

Waking up dessert.


I know breakfast dessert is already a thing for some (awesome) people, but what about waking up dessert? Because, you know, sometimes you can’t wait until breakfast. And Werther’s are delicious. <—sidenote: is that a properly used apostrophe? I can’t decide. 



Breakfast is always sweet around here. It’s traditionally been greek yogurt with apples and almond butter, but lately with the SUMMER temperatures (high of 16 today!) I’ve been craving cold, delicious smoothies. I always make these as soon as I wake up and then let them sit in the fridge while I go about my morning routine, so by the time I eat it it is like eating frozen soup. 🙂

Breakfast dessert.


I’m usually mostly satisfied after breakfast, but like something to crunch on! Enter breakfast dessert. I SO need to try topping my smoothies with granola, but until then I am content with munching away by the spoonful.



Oh panini, how you complete me. After four days off school, I have no idea how I am going to go back to cold food for lunch. Whenever I am home to eat, I always make sure I have something that isn’t easily packable –> panini, tuna (smelly), etc. I just feel like I have portable food way too often!

Lunch dessert.

Chocolate. Always chocolate. Although around these parts it’s been pronounced “chocolatay” lately. Don’t ask questions.

Snack (usually dessert).


Scones and muffins have been my dearest love lately. I took home FOUR muffins, THREE cookies and a granola bar from work Saturday, and so I have been snacking on baked goods like a fiend. Gone are the days when those delicious treats grew green and fuzzy.



Are you surprised? The excuse today is moving week. Check back in a while and I’ll have an updated one for ‘ya.



Like I said, meals always need to end on a sweet note. I just can’t focus on my life until then! Because I am going to turn into an apple, lately my post-dinner snackage is an apple with peanut butter. But the new jar of almond butter is disappearing fast.

Snack (more dessert): Amanda’s mug cake. 


I had to steal this picture from the wonderful Amanda because, delicious as mug cakes are, I seem to be incapable of taking a picture that does not look like animal manure. Sadly, this has been happening a little less often as of late, mostly because I’m too tired and just want to go to sleep. 😉 The days that I do have it, though, I never regret it. It’s physically impossible to regret chocolate. Fact.

Have you ever had waking-up dessert?

Sweet or savoury? 


5 thoughts on “WIAW: Dessert > Meals

  1. I have never had waking-up dessert. Why have I never had waking-up dessert *wail*!?
    That will change. Tomorrow. Since it’s evening here so I’ll just have a bedtime dessert and then…
    That scone(?) – so perfectly doughy; I die. I would totally grab a “cakey” baked good over a crispy cookie. And damn girl you are lucky! A constant supply of baked goods, woweee.
    Chocolatay. You did mention your unwavering love for French, co I’m going to assume its something to do with that. See I didn’t ask!
    Oh and I wonder why I never receive your email replies?! I mean, I know I don’t have to, but it’s awesome to know what you have to say… 😉

  2. I have never had a waking up dessert but I may have to try it soon :). I am all about the sweets. Every meal really should end with something sweet.

  3. I haven’t had waking up dessert but I am for sure a sweet person! Nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate, wish it could be for every meal! But I do enjoy my savory meals every so often and always enjoy them when I go out to eat!

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