Halfway There – Half Marathon Training Week 6

Well that is a little bit of a terrifying realization. I am HALFWAY done half marathon training! It’s been great so far, and I could not be more excited to finish training strong. I have extra motivation for this week thanks to the Boston Marathon yesterday. I absolutely made an event of it and spent three hours of my life engrossed by it.

I feel so bad for Shalene. 😦 She spent a YEAR training to win this race. I love her attitude, though. She said “Only 1% is for her”. The rest is for the fans and the city of Boston. And regardless of what place she finished (sixth), she still ran fantastically and earned a THREE minute PR! If anything I am more inspired by her than before.

Boston_Marathon-012faShe was in the lead for so long!

Also, Meb – WOW. You could see the pain on his face in the final miles and was still cranking out 4:xx miles. His finish brought tears to my eyes.

Boston, you will be mine someday.

Don’t worry, though, I wasn’t on the couch the whole time. I physically cannot sit and watch TV for longer than 2.2 minutes so I started with 40 minutes of strength training and then got to work replying to comments, emails, and blogging. 🙂

This week ended up being a bit of a cutback week for training. I was sick, tired, and conveniently did not have  along run on the training schedule. I got about 5% more strength training than last week, so that’s a plus as well!

Monday: Arms + abs. I did a random combination of tricep kickbacks, skull crushers, bicep curls and front raises plus a Blogilates abs printable. Triceps are my new favourite body part to train! I love how quickly I see results. 🙂


Tuesday: 3 miles @ 8:40. Not going to lie, I sort of wanted to die during this run. I think my legs were still exhausted from Sunday’s 8 miles, and just could not get in the groove Tuesday morning. My first mile was something like 9:15+ which I wanted nothing to do with. Regardless of the pace, though, I was finished with my run by 7am which is always an amazing feeling!

Wednesday: Total body strength + abs

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:20. I celebrated the first of my four day weekend with a 7am treadmill run! I got to the gym at 6:55 expecting it to have opened at 5:30 and then realized it was Good Friday, and thanked my lucky stars I didn’t show up earlier. I kept it easy for most of the run and started pushing towards the second half. I love finishing my treadmill runs at a ridiculous sprint – makes me feel like such a beast!


Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:08. I recapped this run in more detail here but basically I did my own thing and accidentally ran a perfect tempo run. 🙂

TOTAL: 14 miles. Still a respectable weekly mileage for me! Because I don’t follow Hal’s plan to the letter, I try to aim for the same total amount of miles per week. He had 13 on tap this week, but 3 were supposed to be a race, so I feel really good about my training this week! I’m definitely looking forward to my NINE mile run, though. Expect an entire post on that one. 🙂

Did you watch the Boston Marathon?! 


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