Thinking Out Loud: Musings of a Wannabe Vancouver-ian?

How have I already been home a week? The time has absolutley FLOWN by, no thanks to a ridiculous amount of schoolwork. BIG thanks, though, to Amanda, for hosting my favourite link-up of the week! 🙂


1. That title… I’m just not sure. I liked some parts of Toronto, but it is just so big and a lot of areas seemed either dirty/sketchy or obscenely fancy expensive (Holt Renfrew, etc.) I’ve never been to Vancouver, though, so I don’t want to be really stupid and commit four years of my place to a school I’ve never seen! DECISIONS. 😦

2. I HATE slow walkers. Okay I *try* not to hate people but an exception needs to be made here. There is very little more infuriating in life than trying to get somewhere and having a herd of people walking 0.0002mph in a horizontal line taking up the ENTIRE pathway. Rant over.


3. I have a new sick obsession. If that picture didn’t give it away, let me break it down. THE BIG BANG THEORY. I used to absolutely despise this show but now all I want to do is watch a hundred episodes all night long. I normally don’t even like TV but…I have no excuse.

4. I deserve official runner status. Normally when I run in the morning I go to the gym because cold/dark running = no. On Tuesday, though, I ran OUTSIDE in the dark-ish and didn’t die. My legs wanted to, but that’s another story.

5. My wallet has a mind of its own on vacation. At home, there is NO WAY I would spend $25 on magazines and gum. But there? Why yes, I want that $12 magazine about Divergent that will take me approximately twelve minutes to read and will then never touch it again.

6. I got my grad dress. FINALLY! I have been having a serious first world problem about not finding anything I like. Well, I tried on one dress that was nice…it was also $600. Luckily, though, the first one I tried on this Saturday was the one. It’s royal blue, high-low with a high neck full of SPARKLES. Sparkles.

sparkles2Because I know you needed to see that. 

7. A blog redesign needs to happen. I want something unique, fresh and clean! But I have NO IDEA where to begin. The idea of spending hundreds of dollars is sort of unappealing, though. But that really needs to happen, along with learning how to use my (albeit digital) camera, and improving my recipes! Oh yeah, and organized, and…..I’ll see you guys in a year, apparently.

8. I love Kara Goucher 200% more now. I read her 400 page book in 12 hours…although I admit to skipping the pregnancy section. Seventeen here. I have always admired her, but reading this took it to the next level (in a non-creepy way). The way she talks is so matter-of-fact but you can also tell she’s a dreamer. Beyond inspirational. I also just learned that her name is pronounced “G-owch-er” not “Goo-shay”. Can you tell I’m a wannabe Frenchie?

kara goucherShe’s still a machine even though she’s American. 😉

9.  Did you guys know that generations are lettered? Maybe I have been living under a rock but I JUST found this out. Apparently I am generation Y (?) which includes those born in the mid-to-late 1990s. Although generation X is supposed to be post-war so I’m more than a little confused.

10. Needles do not belong in this world. Even though we got home at 2am this morning (last night?) my dear mother is making me go with her to work this morning to get blood drawn. I have ALWAYS hated needles and needed to be bribed with hot chocolate to get a flu shot. Let’s be honest here I still need that. 🙂

11. But what I need more is to go to work. Lucky for me I am on my way there shortly! I can’t wait to see all my regulars and coworkers and 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

What is your favourite: Toronto or Vancouver?

Big Bang Theory: yay or nay?  


18 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Musings of a Wannabe Vancouver-ian?

  1. Ugh – so not a fan of slow walkers either. Seriously, if you are going to walk slow at least do it on the side so people can get by. So frustrating & irritating >:O

  2. I am one of those slow walkers everyone hates haha. I seriously wish I could wear a sign that says “don’t hate me for being slow, I broke my hip” just so people don’t curse my existence during rush hour on the sidewalks! The worst!

  3. So excited to see the dress you got! I’m a huge fan of anything sparkly, so I’m sure I’m going to love it :). Argh, blog redesigns are SUCH a hassle, but so so SO worth it in the end! I love mine and got it done for relatively cheap :).

  4. I always found TO a little too big too, but then again I’m totally a small town girl and would move to some place like Banff in a heart beat if I could. Maybe someday! The only thing I’d caution you against in relation to Vancouver is THE RAIN. SAD is no joke there because of how many gray days they have. It’s nice because it’s warmer, but their whole winter is basically like what we have here today… graaaaaaaaay and monotone. Let’s ditch everything and just move to New Zealand.

    • That is what everyone is telling me. And I do really appreciate the sunny days here. BUT I LOVE (the idea of) VANCOUVER. 😦 ahhaha oh well I will make a decision eventually! But I agree – screw E-town and Vancouver. NZ is where it’s at.

  5. I am totally thinking of a blog redesign too! Can’t wait to play around with it, good luck with yours, I’m sure it will look fantastic 🙂

  6. Come to Toronto! It’s seriously the best you won’t regret it. It’s a foodie’s dream place for sure, tons of options.

  7. At first glance I said it as “Gowcher”; I deserve a medal no?
    Eeee! I’m so happy you finally got your dress!..and royal blue? high low cut? sparkles? You got a winner and I’m dyying to see it. And just because I feel like yapping unnecessary: I fell in love with a champagne colored halter-neck dress with sparkles at the chest on a mall trip the other day, and I can not get it out of my mind. I have a feeling I’m going to be dreaming up some justifaction so I can get the beauty 😉 .
    I literally fall over slow walkers in the mall – sooo annoying.

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