Eating My Way Across the Country



How’s that for this morning’s intro?

This is a bad thing to admit…but the amount of extra stuff I can get done sleeping 1/2 as much as usual is a little bit amazing. That is, until my eyes burn out of my head (see above) and I stay sick for 2+ weeks…

Moving on! This is link party day and nobody should be sad at a party!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW!

 While I was in Toronto, I basically did not stop eating. There were no qualms about eating out/eating too much. It’s funny how I used to stress about it, and now I actually relish any excuse to eat an exorbitant amount of sugar. 😉 And there’s nothing like a sugar coma to make you crave healthy eating! It was glorious, though, and now I’m going to share that wonderfulness with you!

coffee1As if I could not begin with coffee…this was the best latte I have ever had in my life.  


Accompanied by an almond blueberry muffin with brown sugar streusel…I die.


On the topic of breakfasts, I actually branched out from my sweets only rule and had a SAVOURY meal! The horror! This was actually the opposite of horrific, however. It was a panini with egg, pesto, gouda and BACON (I know). If that combination wasn’t already to die for enough, it was in panini form which makes everything 987.6x better.

Sidenote: Does it seriously annoy anyone else when restaurants heat up a sandwich and call it a panini? I have had 5+ experiences lately where I see a delicious sounding “panini” on a menu only to find it is literally warm food on a baguette. One was even at an Italian restaurant. FAIL.


When in Italy…order hot chocolate. This was literally DOWNED in 2.2 at a (different) Italian restaurant. My savoury mother (weirdo) had bread/olives/etc but this girl had hot chocolate and a chocolate biscotti. The only way to do snack time on vacation.


I saved the best for last. This burger is basically the reason that I live my life. We went to a legitimate British pub-style restaurant and I knew what I was ordering before I looked at the menu. Because I am sadly distanced from my English knowledge, I might have been a teensy bit worried that they would bring me potato chips when I saw “burger and chips” on the menu.

You had better believe that entire plate was cleaned with copious amounts of ketchup. Let’s just say that the pictured red stuff was NOT what I was hoping it was.

So there you have it! A vacation full of delicious eats and free of guilt. I may have come back a couple of pounds heavier but that’s nothing anyone should worry about, in my opinion. Because chocolate life is always worth it.

How do you like to eat on vacation? 


10 thoughts on “Eating My Way Across the Country

  1. All your eats look tasty! And I’m glad you enjoyed the local fare without worrying about eating ‘healthy’ or calories, etc. We typically take active vacations, hiking and staying in a cabin, so we cook a lot of our own food. But if I’m in a location where they’re known for a certain specialty, you better believe I’m having it 🙂

  2. I am the same on vacation! When I went to Europe this summer I never stopped eating! From German, Greek, French, and Italian meals they were all amazing! And hey I did sneak a few salads in here and there!

  3. Being the coffee-snob you are (meaning this in the best way possible!) if you say thats the best latte it must have been epic. Oh when in Rome…or on vacation…
    everything sensible just falls away in the name of fun AND deliciousness. And thats totally cool and normal! I could take 2 buckets of those fries now – YUM!
    On my last trip I shocked myself by consuming and craving(!) a savoury breakfast. Must have been due to the giant chocolate Cinnabon the night before :p .

  4. Hehe you’d think us Brits and you guys would finally agree on the same word for chips/fries! It’s funny I discovered my love for savoury breakfasts when on holiday last year – I’ve never looked back! Um… unless pancakes are on the menu… 😉

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