Confessions: The Travel Edition

I’m alive!

I know that the past ~2 weeks have been suuuuuper sketchy around these parts, but between being in the middle of bumpkinville (said with the utmost affection…) and at a hotel with no WiFi, I’ve done my best! But despite operating on four hours of sleep right now (we got in at 1am) Life’s A Runner is BACK in full swing.

Travelling makes me do some weird things. I feel like I’m myself for the first little while, but as the time I spend away from home gets longer I start to go a little crazy. 4+ months at a time should be interesting.

These are some serious confessions, guys. I don’t want these going anywhere, so let’s keep them between you and me, mkay?

1. I drank Starbucks. I know, the HORROR! I’m ashamed of myself. But we were in the airport and I’ve had a $20 gift card sitting in my wallet since Christmas and…well I don’t feel like I have an excuse.

I’m of course being a bit dramatic over here – I joke a lot (in life) about being a coffee snob and hating Starbucks. While I do have a strong dislike for their coffee (taste, pesticide use, etc.) I do not actually think that they are the spawn of the devil. 😉

coffeeThis was a hundred thousand times better, though.

2. I crashed a car. Yeah…this was a bit of a dilemma. And I wonder why I don’t have my license. 😉


3. I read for hours, but finished nothing. Well, technically I finished Pride & Prejudice but I’ve already read that twice (no shame). I enjoy everything I’m reading but there is nothing making me go OMG I MUST STAY AWAKE FOR 678 HOURS TO FINISH. It’s tragic, really. We visited a library/stacks place at the University of Toronto and the amount of books was astounding.

booksI think there’s a chance of me finding something here. 

4. I facepalmed. 


Most interesting thing that happened to you this week? 


6 thoughts on “Confessions: The Travel Edition

  1. Oh, I so like to read that with pleasure would stay overnight in this fine library. Certainly, with a package of snack and coffee (though I also don’t love it) There is some floors or it simply cases? Anyway, perfectly!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I have a friend who drinks Starbucks every single day. Like seriously. Every single day of his life. It’s insane. Also, my brother crashed his car the first day he had his license. He drove to a friends house and backed into a car, literally smashing half the car. Hopefully that will lift your spirits a little. And reading for hours? That sounds like bliss to me!

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