4 Weeks In: Half Marathon Training Update

I know that I said last week that I was almost finished with one month of half marathon training, but now it’s really here! This is pretty scary considering the fact that I am 1/3 of the way done and other than running more regularly, don’t feel like I’ve done much different.

Case in point: I ran seven miles ONCE, before half training even started. So far in this training cycle, my longest run has been seven miles (yesterday). I think the biggest difference, however, is how I FEEL during running. Although the distances haven’t been that impressive, time flies by and I 99% of the time feel like I can keep going when my runs are finished. I don’t, though, since I’m still trying out this whole being smart about injuries thing. 🙂

You guys know how dedicated I am to my post-run foam roll and stretch routine, right? WELL guess what happens when you are in no-mans land where people don’t willingly torture themselves with cylindrical packing material?

You willingly torture yourself with cylindrical bread making material!

Yep, I used a bread roller. And hated loved every minute of it. I couldn’t do it as long as I usually foam roll for, but I’m not sore at all and ran four times this week instead of my usual three, so I’m taking that as a good sign!

I doubt I will keep running four times a week when I go home. I just have no motivation to do actual strength work while on vacation so running is my only form of exercise. It’s also really easy to run when you can do it whenever you want and have all day to shower and be lazy after. 🙂 🙂

Or, you know, do that English homework fighting its way from the back of your mind. But who really cares about that?

NOT YOU! You care about the running! (I think)

Monday: 5 miles @ 8:18 pace. This was my only treadmill run of the week and it was absolutely glorious. I wasn’t sure about running while in Ontario so I wanted to make sure I got in a good one before leaving. I started easy, around 8:27, and sped up the last mile until I nearly fell off the treadmill sprinted at a 6:00 pace for 0.00000001 of a mile. Every time I think about elite marathoners running for over two hours at a faster pace than that I want to throw up.

Tuesday: Total body strength workout. I definitely wanted to get moving before spending the rest of the day on an airplane. I did the first two circuits of this, and then swapped the last one for three sets of ten skull crushers, shoulder raises, tricep kickbacks and bent over rows.


I then finished with one of my favourite ab routines!

Wednesday: 4 mile run @ 8:00 pace. A gorgeous run around the lake and a town the size of a carrot. I LOVED the new scenery and the time flew by. I saw that I was close to four miles around 31 minutes and sprinted like a bat out of hell to finish in EXACTLY 32 minutes = 8 minute miles.

Thursday: 7 MILE WALK! It is in all capitals because I cannot remember the last time that I walked for two hours. Well probably on vacation but it never felt that long. We went in search of a coffee shop that ended up being in a neighboring town (!) and had a picnic with semi-decent coffee near a river. It was cold but lovely!

Friday: 4 mile run @ 8:15 pace. Well actually it was 4.15 miles but I think I’m the only person that matters to. Anyway, I kept an easy pace the whole run and absolutely loved it. You might have seen on my Instagram that we went for smoothies after in the most ADORABLE cafe I have ever seen (after mine of course).


It didn’t matter that it was -5 C (23F), windy and raining…well maybe it did since we ended up meeting our cousins at the drugstore to get picked up. 😉 I also had a pretty nasty windburn on my face. Still worth it.

Saturday: OFF. I kept thinking that I should do some strength work but spending hours reading books/running blogs won.

Sunday: 7 mile run @ 8:06 pace. This still feels like a PDR because I have only ran this far once! I ran to the cafe that I got my smoothie at and turned right around (somehow I think that drinking a smoothie while running would result in my demise). To be honest, this run was a struggle from the first steps. I knew (know) that my legs were tired from running an extra day and attempting to do a long run at the end of the week.

I don’t look at my watch anymore (I just use it to make sure I run the correct distance and evaluate pace AFTER I finish) so of course when I saw my pace after sprinting in I was floored! I was sure I was running ten minute miles – there is not a thing in the world wrong with that, it’s just not my current fitness level – but I managed just over an eight minute pace and did the last little nubbit at a 6:30!

TOTAL: 20 miles! I don’t usually run four days a week so this is a bit of a jump in mileage but the runs were all mostly easy and I’m recovering well and eating (way more than) enough so I’m not concerned. I’m REALLY excited to go up to an eight mile long run for week five! I might actually be able to pull off this half marathon business after all. 🙂

What is your cut-off point for running? -10C for me but that hurts.


3 thoughts on “4 Weeks In: Half Marathon Training Update

  1. WOW you’re doing FABULOUSLY girly! Your times are amazing and I’m so glad all of them are going well for you :). There’s nothing like finishing a run and still feeling like you could do more! Glad you’re being smart about your training, though, and following your plan.

    Keep up the great work!

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