I Think…I Am Across the Country!

Hello from Ontario!

I’m currently splayed out on the couch with  a bowl of baby carrots (the size of my head, nothing unusual) and am going to go on a run soon. Even all the way across the country, there is no way I am missing my favourite link up with Amanda! Go check out everyone else’s random and disconnected thoughts while you’re over there. 🙂

1. I am not country folk. The family that we are staying with for a few days live WAY out in the middle of nowhere – a three hour bus ride to Toronto middle of nowhere. I live in the middle of downtown, so this is a very new experience for me. There’s WiFi, though, so I won’t die. 😉

NOWHERETrying to think of it this way.

2. I WOULD die if I didn’t live in the city! That is sadly not an exaggeration. Yesterday we decided to venture out to the “big” city of 85,000 people (so technically a town I suppose). It was a half an hour drive and NINETY MINUTES on the bus. There were so many people that did that there and back every single day. A five hour affair to get groceries? Yeah not happening.

3. Travelling makes me HUNGRY! I kid you not, my stomach was grumbling every twenty minutes on the flight over here on Tuesday. Luckily I had plenty of almonds, granola bars, peppers and homemade cookies (recipe coming at you!) to keep me going. I did have to buy a $5 bag of carrots, though. That hurt.


4. I am never going back to the treadmill. The thing about living way out in bumpkinville is that you do have some pretty gorgeous scenery…I absolutely loved my run yesterday along the lake! It has been a while since I’ve been able to run outside (thanks, Alberta) so this was MUCH appreciated. I’m hoping our weather will have smartened up by the time I’m home.

5. Scones > smoothies. When we were in the “city” we went to a big organic food store. After we finished shopping, managing to spend $150 (?!) we went over to the cafe attatched. I considered getting one of the “build your own” smoothies, but the blueberry scones called to me. They were organic so they were healthy, right? 😉 Plus scones are British so that’s self-explanatory.

britainI’m basically English now.

6. My life plan might now involve FRENCH! I am absolutely falling head over heels with this language. I could understand about 12% of what the French flight attendant was saying which was a massive improvement over my previous 0.01%. I’m still going strong on Harry Potter A L’ecole de Sorciers and French music is beautiful –> listen to Irreversible by Cristian Marc and see how fast your heart melts. I am seriously considering studying this more in university because it is becoming such a passion for me! I could handle having to relocate to Paris. It wouldn’t be too much of a hardship.

7. But then there’s also coffee. This is another thing I would genuinely like to pursue in my life (not in university).  It’s not about the “boost” or the caffiene. I adore tasting different types of coffee and picking out sweet vs. acidic notes and seeing how different brew methods and temperatures affect the end result. Maybe if I end up making twelve dollars a year as a translator or something I will open up my own coffee shop exactly the same as my love here at home. 🙂


8. Coffee > Important life things. Literally – going to the coffee shop that my boss is friends with is TOP on my Toronto to-do list. I’m more excited to go there than to the University of Toronto or to get a grad dress. Both of those things I just want to check off the list. Although, Whole Foods does rank pretty high up there.

9. Don’t put your phone in the freezer. Or walk around with it. Or give it to Emma, who apparently carries it everywhere and then forgets about it. That’s a classic me move –> when I was packing for this trip, I put my purse in my carry-on backpack and then proceeded to spend half an hour panicking about where it was.


10. My stomach is about to eat itself. That is something I would say ALL the time on ski trips since racing made me just BURN through ALL THE FOOD. Those capitals are necessary and there for a reason – I remember eating a pizza the size of my laptop (no exaggeration), a bowl of soup, and a brownie with ice cream for dinner and still being able to snack later in the night. I may not be that hungry any more but running still cranks up my appetite so I am going to go devour some BBQ chicken! Go do something fun yourself. 🙂

Do you prefer the city or the country?


9 thoughts on “I Think…I Am Across the Country!

  1. I always think to myself that I would love to live in the country, and while a big part of me definitely wants to, I’m not sure I’d be able to handle to for a super extended period of time… but then I think a lot of that would depend on how far away from civilization it was… If I had to drive over an hour to pick up food? Yeah, no. Not happening. The peace and quiet would definitely be lovely, though…

  2. Ohh the scenery is beautiful, even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere! That’s a crazy long time to drive to just get to the grocery store. I would go crazy haha!

    Hooray about French! I love love love it and am so excited that you’re falling deeper in love with it too :). Such a beautiful language!

  3. I really don’t think I love one more than the other. I love the peacefulness the country brings, however it is always nice to have the convience part in the city. Tough call!

    I’m a smoothie girl all the way, but even I’m not sure I could’ve passed up on those scones either. YUM!

  4. Carrot addiction is your best addiction yet Emma 😉 . Bumpkinville – now that has a nice catchy ring to it. I live in the countryside – where its the ‘norm’ to have cattle or horses – yet we are fairly close to the city..small shopping centre 10 min away and malls 20. And I do love it 🙂 .
    Oh my, you do have quite a deep understanding about coffee. When you open a coffee shop I will definitely make it a priority to visit!

  5. I live in the city, and I adore it! Certainly, jams and the subway it isn’t cheerful. But it is pleasant to me that here it is simpler to be realized as the professional, and there is moreplaces for fun also! I would like to live in the center 😉

  6. I prefer the country but have always lived in a city! That pesky thing called a job yaknowaddamean? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE living in Chicago but some day I’ll move somewhere quieter : )

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