Three Weeks Is Almost A Month: Half Marathon Update!

So, today is my favourite Monday EVER. It’s spring break, so it may as well be Saturday! Yes, Mondays that still feel like the weekend are most definitely the best kind.

This weekend was rather marvelous. It started off with a semi-mildy unimportant email — this email was the most important and amazing thing I have ever read in my whole entire life:



I still can barely breathe. Like the seventeen year old I am I immediately sprinted into my mom’s room to tell her. I rode a high for the rest of the day. I know that I’ve been talking a lot about the University of Toronto – but I’ll be honest, I’m started to freak out about moving so far away. Also it would be a plus to experience real seasons rather than this -20 business in March (just about April).

After that piece of marvelousness, I spent my weekend shirking responsibilities, reading, and RUNNING!

I cannot believe week THREE is already in the books for my half marathon training!

As I said last week, I sort of scrapped a formal training plan and decided to just follow the jist of Hal’s runs. I’m doing three runs per week however I want, but following his long run build up.

To be perfectly honest, I failed at keeping track of my cross training this week. I would love to start going to yoga/doing some more at home circuit training but I’m just not in the groove yet!

yogaBecause I should be able to do this pretty soon, right? 😉

This is what happened on the running front!

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 7:49 pace. I don’t even know what happened to me on this run. I joined the 5am workout club because apparently free time in my life is now limited to the hours of 2-4am. Anyway, I was expecting to do an easy 3 miles considering the time. But I felt SO energetic and strong that I just kept speeding up! I stopped at 4 miles because I

a) Am still a total freak about injury prevention

b) Am still a total freak about injury prevention and needed to foam roll/stretch

c) Felt like my stomach was eating itself

It was still an absolutely glorious run, though!

Friday: 6 miles @ 8:15 pace. I was sweating by mile 1 but felt strong mentally and physically. Normally when I run on the treadmill I set a minimum goal of three miles and then push myself as much as I can, but the moment I stepped on I decided that six miles were happening. I adjusted the pace as I needed and stayed distracted enough that the time flew by. On this particular day, although I could have kept going, I was perfectly happy to be done. 🙂

Sunday: 3 miles @ 8:08 pace. I may as well have joined the 5am workout club again – I was back home AFTER my run by 8:00am on a SUNDAY morning! I definitely felt like a total champ for the rest of the day – especially when we had a line up out the door for a solid 2+ hours at work. I sprinted on a treadmill in the morning to warm up for sprinting around a cafe all afternoon!

runningAll four of us. 😉

Overall I am 100% happy with these runs! Running is becoming the most glorious stress reliever and I am really feeling grateful that I have the ability to run – it doesn’t feel like something that I “have” to do. I GET to and I am so thrilled.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this weekend? 


4 thoughts on “Three Weeks Is Almost A Month: Half Marathon Update!

  1. First off OMG CONGRATS ON GETTING IN TO UBC! That is beyond exciting and you must be ecstatic :). Secondly, you’re killing your runs! I’m hoping to increase my speediness, and am aiming to get myself to about where you are now. Fantastic job, lady 🙂

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