Thinking Out Loud: “Spring” Break in Canada


Wait – you say it’s Thursday?

Well, sucks to be you then. 😉 I don’t have class tomorrow, so today is like my Friday. PLUS it’s a half day, PLUS, at 12:29pm I will officially be on SPRING BREAK! Even though it basically blizzards every day. Can you tell I’m in a good mood since that still doesn’t even phase me?

Since basically all of 2014 has been a blur for my poor, overworked brain, I am starting to go a little bit crazy. Studying nonstop has absolutely destroyed me and I am SO ready for a break. Enjoy my 150% typically random thoughts with spring fever. 😉 Thanks for hosting, Amanda!


1. More studying ≠more success. Speaking of being overworked, guess what? I got 50% on my English quiz. If you don’t realize how unlike me this is, it is basically equivalent to a hippopotamus growing wings and flying to DisneyWorld.  I’ve been known to bomb chem and math on occasion, but this does NOT happen to me in English! The fact is, I’ve been basically going to school, studying, running and doing NOTHING else. I do blog but, while I love it and it is very calming, it is not the same as taking a genuine break. SO even though I was well prepared for my test I was totally out of it while actually writing it, hence the nauseating mark.

2. I’m over London Fogs. I know this is a shock seeing as I have basically professed my love on at least a weekly basis, but I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. Chai lattes, specifically. If I’m running around doing stuff or sitting in the cafe working on homework, I have an americano misto or a single origin coffee, but if I’m relaxing? Chai latte all the way. My favourite one has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy and is just so. darn. delicious. Also never get it with 1% milk because whole milk >

3. I am LOVING French. I keep meaning to email you about French, Christine! Time just keeps running away from me. But anyway, I’m playing the exact same French song on repeat and, although I have the melody totally committed to memory at this point, I can only remember a few phrases. Better than nothing! I am going to find a French book from the library (that I have already read in English) and attempt to read it on the plane/while I am in Toronto. Then, when I get too frustrated with that, I will just reread Pride & Prejudice. ❤

french book

4. It’s actually important to care for your contacts. Who would’ve thunk it? I clean my contacts with peroxide, but the case has to neutralize it so that the solution doesn’t burn your retinas. Well, turns out that they actually stop working after a while (I did know this) and when you put off getting a new one for too long, your contact lenses will retain peroxide and make you want to gouge your eyes out! It was quite the pleasant experience. NOT. I had the worst headache all day long because of it.

5. I still almost want to stay at home next year. It’s just terrifying to imagine living by myself in six months. Plus, I love my job and everyone in it SO much. The customers make my entire day and my coworkers and boss are the nicest people I know. Maybe I will still move out, and just live there! 😉

6. But I also could not be more excited to go away to university! If I could just make up my mind between U of T and UBC I could actually plan my life. But until then I will revel in dreaming about my dorm room and the (actually interesting) classes I will be taking and friends that have similar interests to me. CAN’T. WAIT.

toronto university

7. My name is Emma, and I suffer from reading ADD. I currently have five books on the go and don’t feel like reading any of them. They’re all either too dark, too light, too non-fictiony (yes that is in fact an adjective) or just too meh. I need another book to suck me in.

8. I failed at my Lenten sacrifice. And I’ve waited this long to confess it to you people. On Sunday I broke down and chewed gum. And I’ve had it every day since. I always have a hard time giving up something for Lent because I’m Christian but not Catholic. I’m still continuing 100% aspartame-free, though, other than that! I didn’t even want to order diet coke Tuesday night when we went out for dinner. WIN.

9. I need to choose a grad quote! I’m down to three – they are all by JK Rowling because she is my #1 inspiration. These are my options:

I like that this one is inspirational, but I feel like it might be too cheesy. 

jkrowlingquote2This one is short and sweet, but I’m not sure if it has the kind of message I want. 

jkrowlingquote3I think I’m leaning towards this one. It’s how I feel about leaving high school and is relatively unknown (I hope?)

10. I like the number ten. When I was in grade two I called everything in the teens “tenty____” —> example: twelve was “tenty-two” and seventeen was “tenty-seven”. And I wonder why I did so horribly on my English test. 😉

Did / do you have a grad quote? 

What is your favourite drink EVER? 


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: “Spring” Break in Canada

  1. I think I like the third quote the best — definitely fitting given the circumstances 🙂 And I remember having some kind of grad quote, but it was so long ago that I honestly can’t remember what it was 😆 I’d have to dig up my old yearbooks from my old room. Oh man. I should actually do that — it would be fun times to go back and look through them.

    This weather. So over it. Actually, is it sad that it’s gotten to the point where I just feel defeated and don’t even want to bother complaining about it anymore?

  2. Hey, you know what girlie? Sometimes you have a small fluke in your grade and the best thing is to move on and forte about it. I’m sure you’re set for that class anyways! So glad you’ll be on Spring Break tomorrow and will be able to get some time to relax!

    And please do email me about French! Totally adore the subject and am just waiting for when I can go study abroad. I’m pretty confidant in my speaking abilities, but would love to be pen pals with someone so I could practice my grammar when I write! Oh, and I was meaning to tell ya! I found a french healthy living blog and it was pretty cool to be able to read and understand the writing. I can pass the link along to you if you want! 🙂

    I also think I’m going to try to read some novels in French. My friend, Tiana, who studied in France for a year when she was 16 recommends Harry Potter since it’s so familiar and you already know the plot, so it’s just understanding the words. Great practice!

  3. “Tenty” ahh that’s too cute 😀 . Chai latte..why don’t I ever have that! I love me some good ol’ black coffee..or a cappuccino if I’m feeling it. Pray do tell what is a London Fog all about? It sounds illegal..almost as illegal as Emma chewing gum again 😉
    You’ve got exciting times ahead! I’ve missed out on all that in my life..I will not regret. But I love following up on your movements 🙂

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