WIAW: Noms Make Me (Not) Blind.

Happy hump day! Don’t hate me, but sort of feels like Friday today. I still have to go to school for the rest of the week, but Thursday and Friday are half days, so today is my last full day of school until APRIL ELEVENTH! I am on spring break next week and am in Toronto until Friday of our first week back. It’s pretty scary that, by the time I am home, I will be either accepted or rejected by university and will be making my FINAL decision…!!!

Onto the noms. Thanks for hosting, HEATHER, who is taking over from Jenn this week!

 Yogurt bowls have made a return for breakfast over here. There’s just something about apples that makes me DIE of happy taste buds. Add in nut butter and I’m in heaven.


For some reason I was still hungry after so I had a bowl of baby carrots the size of my head with hummus. I can never say no to carrots, even before 8am.


I couldn’t not have a Coconut Peanut Protein Bite for a snack! I’m sure my friends dans la classe du francais really appreciate my unique food.

Coconut Peanut Protein Bites

Do you want to know something I love about not tracking macronutrients? Whenever I used to have jam, it would always be the “no sugar added but filled with asparatame and a chemical shitstorm” variety. I liked it, but now that I have been introduced to the world of real, organic jam (with sugar!) I am never going back. I got a random craving for a PB+J taken up a notch, so this happened for lunch:

ABJAlmond butter + blueberry jam sandwich (+ various accompaniments)

I had my own greek yogurt plus some snacks from friends. Did any of you guys actually trade lunches as a kid? I have no memory of that. I also can’t believe I just indirectly called myself not a kid.

I couldn’t say no to an americano misto and ginger oatmeal cookie after school. (It’s been a long day!) I also had to go to the eye doctor after and that is basically my version of slow, torturous death (think being broken on the wheel or burning alive) so I needed to bribe myself. This did the trick.



You. Guys. Dinner was exactly what I needed. I have been wanting a burger and fries SO BADLY. We had homemade burgers Monday night, and while delicious, didn’t cure me of my need. So while our apartment was being shown (and after I had my eyes plucked out by evil villains) I devoured this baby. I requested my FAVOURITE grain bread in lieu of a white bun and demolished that entire plate. With copious amounts of ketchup, of course.


Although my near-blindness did not result in any dramatic revelations (English literature reference much?), I did realize that ketchup makes anything better. And I do get to put in my contacts without lighting a fire in my eyeballs, though, so there’s that.

 What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently? 

Did anyone get my blindness reference? 


10 thoughts on “WIAW: Noms Make Me (Not) Blind.

  1. Your yogurt bowls put mine to shame haha! And isn’t there nothing better than something sweet with your coffee? I’m definitely the kind of person who needs to nibble on some chocolate or a baked good while enjoying my latte. Makes them taste a million times better in my opinion!

    Glad you got your burger fix! You’re actually making me crave one right now haha 🙂

  2. I had to go to the eye doctor a few weeks ago, and while I don’t think I hate it quite as much as you do, there are definitely a whole bunch of other things I’d rather be doing. It’s nice to be able to see, though… Seeing is good. And girl, I kid you not… there have been SO many times where I got hit with a random carrot craving after breakfast. I used to think it was kind of crazy, but now I can say that maybe it’s just something in our water 😉

  3. Way to make me crave fries! I haven’t had ’em in too long..
    Best thing..uhhmmm..I’ll go with this mornings custardy oatmeal topped with PB and jam 🙂

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