Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Happy Monday!

I honestly mean that. I had such an amazing weekend, and I hope that you did too. 🙂 It was so great that I’m joining Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday link party!

Things kicked off Friday afternoon with an amazing run (that I was thisclose to skipping). I spent Saturday morning with my best friend that I hadn’t seen in six months, and the afternoon at work (which we all know I adore)! My break was filled with cat pictures which make everything better.

cat-sat-151I actually despise cats but cannot get over pictures/videos. They just kill me every time. 

When I got home, I had a delicious dinner and then spent the rest of the evening finishing Pride & Prejudice –> party animal right here. Sunday was gorgeous in it’s lazy morning, another perfect run, reading, writing and baking! I needed a homework-free weekend and I made sure that I got it. 🙂

On to the running!

All of which occurred on the treadmill. I didn’t talk about this last week because, well, I didn’t want to. Guys, I love Canada, but WOW. We had an absolutely beautiful last week of winter (as I am sure you all remember me going on about ten degrees being like summer to me) annnnnd, then on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING guess what happened?

I don’t even want to say it.

We got hit with a blizzard, complete with insane winds and -20C (-4F) temperatures. WHY?! Needless to say I could not bring myself to run outside, so I renewed my membership with the Y and got reacquainted with my favourite treadmill.

iY1k9Sjogging-running-winter-cold-seasonal-ecards-someecardsYou would be shocked at how many brave souls I did see out there, though.

Also…I scrapped Hal’s plan again. I know this is probably the most annoying thing to hear me going back and forth about but as soon as I feel like I have to do something, all the enjoyment gets sucked out for me and I just dread it. I started not wanting to run at all, even three miles, because running felt like it had become a chore. NOT. GOOD.

So I am now doing one easy run per week (3-5 miles), one long run per week (following Hal’s build up but I started at 5 miles instead of 4) and one run of whatever I want. I know that some people may disagree with this way of training but trying it out is the only way to see if it works for me! Of course I will continue with cross training and will hopefully get into yoga! Here’s what went down this week:

Monday: Arms + abs. I used to spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest trying to find workouts with “only” certain exercises that I liked until I remembered BLOGILATES! I don’t use her workouts for everything but I absolutely love all of the ones that I have tried. 🙂


Tuesday: 3 easy miles. I honestly do not remember the pace but there wasn’t much remarkable about this run so I am guessing it was 8:40 ish. My legs were still tired from Sunday’s long run (from week one) and I just wasn’t feeling it. I also did back + obliques in the morning before school.

Wednesday: OFF. I still woke up at 6:00am (without an alarm) but used my free time to catch up on some homework. And then I did coffee-ing work in the afternoon. 🙂

Thursday: LEGS! I actually enjoyed this way more than I expected to. I thought that I hated training legs and so I didn’t do any for ~2 weeks but I think I actually liked this one more than arms day. Noted.

Friday: 6 miles @ 8:12 pace. DailyMile told me 8:15 but the treadmill said 8:10 so this is what we are going with.

I attribute all my uncannily fast runs to luck. When I run, I think of my mileage in terms of songs so I’m not obsessively checking my watch. I know that I run a little over a mile ~1.3-1.5 ish per three songs. But I tell myself that three songs = one mile. So when I think that I’ve, for example, ran four miles, I have probably ran over five and am either done before I know it or have way more motivation to keep going. In my third set of songs, I decided that I was going to sprint for one mile @ 8mph.

Well, Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” came on as the first song of that set. It is eight minutes long.

justin The face I made when I realized this fact. 

But then imagine my surprise when I had ran two miles in the time that I thought I had done one in! That alone gave me all the motivation to push it until I finished the set at 4.75 miles and then cooled down until I reached 6.

ALSO, the fact that our treadmills got new software that allowed me to run through this made the time fly by like a rocket on a space ship.

cathedral-coveCathedral Cove in North Island, New Zealand.

Saturday: OFF. Like I said, I had an absolutely wonderful Saturday and there just was no time for exercise. 🙂

Sunday: 4 treadmill miles. I love getting faster! I did some random sprinting during this run when my usual pace felt too easy and ended with an 8:02 average pace. 🙂

All in all, it was a pretty good week. I really need to work on my cross training – I can see my muscles shrinking. 😦 I know that on paper it looks like I did a decent amount but when I say that I worked “legs” or “arms” or anything it is literally 20 minutes max of low intensity exercises. I don’t want to start doing intense activity right when I get up (especially as my mileage increases) which is why I NEED to get into yoga! Added to the list.

How was your training?

What’s on your to-do list this week? 


6 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 2

  1. Amazing job on your treadmill run! I can’t stand the treadmill (it hurts my knees as well as it is just plain boring!) so kudos to you 😀
    I think it’s awesome that you are finding a plan that works for you 🙂 Running should never be a chore!

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