That Time I Was Addicted To Protein Bars

Annnnnd, we’re back to Friday again. I honestly don’t even feel like I have weekends anymore, to be honest. It’s not nessecarily a bad thing – although it sounds like it. Sunday is my only day off, since I always end up homeworking Saturday morning and then coffee-ing in the afternoon/evening. And just as I get into the swing of feeling relaxed and weekend-y (I am all about proper verbs and adjectives today, apparently) it’s Monday again! And the cycle continues.

But that’s why things like spring break exist! I’m so SO excited to have nearly two weeks off to regroup and ready myself for the final push to (gulp) finish high school.

SPEAKING of high school, I tend to snack a lot during it. There’s something about French relative pronouns and radical equations that just make me so. darn. hungry. 


And for a while there I wasn’t doing very well with it. In my past life, I used to be obsessed with eating my breakfast at EXACTLY 8:00am so that I would make it to lunch without dying for a morning snack. Then, after I realized that was entirely ridiculous and I felt a thousand times better eating something around 9-10:30am, I just started throwing a bar in my bag and being done with it.

luna-barNot only was this bad for the grocery bill (those bars disappear FAST when you have them on the daily) eating processed food is not something I want to be such a habit. I’ll never nix it entirely, but I do limit it when I can. So there was me eating Luna bars and Larabars every. single. day. of the week! I knew I needed to do something, but WHAT?!

Yes, I am dramatic, as per usual. But seriously – all I needed to do was plan. At first, I realized that I had popped my Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites into the freezer and totally forgotten about them! So that was week one covered. Then, on the following weekend, I did a mini food prep.


Sidenote: I will never be the person who can dedicate my entire Sunday to prepping food for the week. I’m not sorry. It’s my day off and there are a thousand things that I would rather do! That being said, it probably is a good idea to spend just a little while, so that the aforementioned problem doesn’t arise.

I made Amanda’s protein granola bars,

In addition to another batch of cookie dough. 😉

I put almonds and raisins into baggies and as well as some cheese and crackers!

In total, it took me less than 45 minutes. And I had way more than a week’s worth of snacks all waiting just for me! Gosh, how special am I?!

In all seriousness, though. Even if you have next to no time you do not need to rely on packaged everything! There are tons more recipes that I want to try for my French class noshing, so here are a few recipes for you to drool over. 🙂

Chunky Munky Granola Bars via Kiss My Broccoli

Toasted Pistachio + Pineapple Muesli via How Sweet Eats

Cranberry Nut Breakfast Cookies via Housewife Glamour

Chunky Monkey Snack Bites via Running With Spoons

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookies via Chocolate Covered Katie

What are your favourite fast + easy snacks? 


8 thoughts on “That Time I Was Addicted To Protein Bars

  1. Muffins! Specifically, Amanda’s flourless good. I am forced to keep a steady supply or else I risk suffering withdrawals. Why don’t I get Luna and Larabars here!? *tear*..the flavors sound fabulous! Anything nut-buttery, chocolaty is a very satisfying snack in my books 🙂

  2. RIGHT ON!!! Make your own sustenance!!! I hate all protein/meal bars – they’re all such junk and honestly, I have never eaten one before in my life. My go-to snacks are cans of fish that are easy to open! Quick, easy and fill me up perfectly 🙂 I am glad you have found ways to keep yourself full so you can focus on school- The bulk bin for ingredients in these bar recipes is AMAZING for saving a dime!!! I got coconut flour in the bulk section the other day and it was ONLY $4.50 a pound!!! THAT MAKES A LOTTTTTTT of deliciousness!

  3. I used to be the same way- a protein bar before my run every day!! Now I make my own protein bars and have that 75% of the time. They are also yummier than some of the cheaper protein bars- and I like the nutrition facts better 🙂

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