Thinking Out Loud. [+ Thriving?]

IT’S THURSDAY! Big thank you to Amanda for allowing me to disguise my disconnected thoughts into a coherent post. 🙂 I usually only have ten on the blog, but believe me, I could go on forever. Did you know that there is no such thing as a line? Because it’s actually a rectangle. BOOM.


Also, thank you, universe. Despite the fact that I have developed a bad habit of thinking every day of the week is Friday (!) this week has actually gone by relatively quickly. That is a big deal considering it is my last full week of school before spring break!

1. You. Guys. I leave for Toronto on April 1, where I will spend ten days planning my future and my career and my real life and see family that I will finally live near and omg can you tell I am excited? After that, though, we basically come home and immediately move. That takes us to May, most of which will likely be filled with this little thing called GRAD. And then I’m…done. Well, after those pesky little diplomas. But seriously – this year is almost over and it’s gone by faster than this week.

toronto universityUpdate my application status. NOW. 

2. I’m developing Compulsive Applicant Disorder. I check both of my U of T and UBC application statuses multiple times per day, willing the universe to give me an answer. Well, not just any answer. I want to see and/or hear the word ACCEPTED more than any other word in any language right now. Even more than chocolat. 

3. I’m also developing Chronic Indecisiveness. I cannot for the LIFE of me decide if I want to live in Vancouver, Toronto or Missisauga. I also don’t know if I want to major in communications (which I can only do in Mississauga) or arts and try a ton of new things, but be unable to switch to communications later on. It’s giving me a lot of anxiety but I am trying to let this make me feel better.

4. Picture this: She sits down, absolutely dying for an olive. Exhausted from her day, all she needs in her life is a delectable, salty, sophisticated olive. She pops one in her mouth, expecting to be overjoyed with satisfaction, but really…


IT’S CHOCOLATE! Before your stomach writhes in disgust, do not fret. They are NOT chocolate covered almonds – these babies are pure chocolate. Not that anyone could be disappointed by chocolate in my humble opinion, but apparently there are some crazies like that in our world. My mom came home with these the other day and I am just dying to put them to good use. I haven’t been able to bring myself to try one yet (because olives…EW) but as soon as I do I promise to update you all on this conspiracy.

5. Pride & Prejudice. Feel free to judge me as harshly as you want, but…I am actually loving it. I hated it in the beginning because all the characters seemed to do was gossip, but now that I’ve gotten past the old English barrier and am hooked on the character’s storylines…my sleep is dwindling juuuuuuust a little.

colin firth prideI’m also more than a little excited to see this face on the big screen. 

6. I NEED to get my grad dress! Everyone is telling me not to worry, but I’m really getting anxious now. Last night I had a dream that I went shopping the night before commencement and bought a comforter. You read that right. I had every intention of wearing a comforter to my high school graduation and waited until the morning of to have a breakdown. T-minus just over two months.

7. I think that I should be allowed to sit down with a bowl of hummus and call it a meal. Now that I think about it, I would be satisfied with a bowl of a lot of things. Like a bowl of peanut butter. Or a bowl full of paninis cut into squares. Yep, I could go for that.

8. I didn’t do anything for St. Patrick’s Day. I feel like with the amount of “green recipes” I have seen all over the internet the past few days this is a confession that I need to make. I didn’t even have my avocado toast that has become a favourite around these parts. Now that I think about it, I didn’t actually eat one green thing all day long. Oops. 😉

smoothieLet’s just pretend I had this Avocado + PB Smoothie, okay? 🙂 

9. I’m genuinely glad Ill be underage for another year. Alberta, the province that I live in, is the only one in Canada that has a legal drinking age of 18 – the rest are 19. I’m not remotely interested in alcohol now, but because my birthday isn’t until August 9, I will only be “legal” for two weeks. I’m glad that I won’t have to deal with that while I’m adjusting to everything else, and besides: a pub near my building opened at 9 AM for a FOUR DAY LONG St. Patrick’s Day party. Call the Irish.

10. We are currently 16 days gum free over here. I was so close to caving last night. I even bought a pack, unwrapped it and took out a piece. But for some reason, even though I thought I wanted it, I just didn’t feel like chewing it? Emma, 1. Sucralose, 0.

That’s all I have for you today! I hope your Thursday is marvelous. 🙂 <— does anyone have a good “Th” sounding adjective? Terrific Thursday doesn’t cut it for me and I miss that alliteration.


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud. [+ Thriving?]

  1. Congrats on resisting the gum craving! I go through sorts where I’m chewing gum all the time then not at all, but too much and I can definitely feel the effects of sucrose. (I’m sensitive to it)

    Love Pride and Prejudice, too. I had the same reaction at first but now the characters are like family and I die for the absurd love story between Liz and Darcy 🙂

  2. Duuuude! Can we talk about the weather here in Etown for a second?!
    What.the.HECK!?!? Gorgeous for weeks and then a blizzard hits on the first day of spring? So over it.

    And I’m all sorts of excited reading about your excitement to go to TO, so I can’t even imagine how you much feel. Planning for the future can be all sorts of anxiety provoking, but just remember that no matter WHAT happens, you will always, always make the most of it and be more than okay 🙂

  3. You took the gum out of the wrapper and then turned it down :shock:? Girl, you’re a bloomin’ hero. A hero that is developing compulsive disorders 😉 . I know I am having abit of a ‘blonde’ day, but it there supposed to be a joke/fact behind “no such thing as a line, a line is a rectangle”?
    Ooh Pride & Prejudice! Loved the movie..Kiera Knightley just makes it ❤

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