Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Week one of half marathon training is in the books!

It feels…strangely similar to the rest of my running life. I haven’t gotten to any of the crazy long runs yet, so this was a relatively relaxed week for me (running wise). That is a very good thing because I did not take my nose out of King Lear or Pride & Prejudice for the entire seven days. #notwinning.

not-impressedI think you can guess how I feel about that. Any tips on how to read a 60 chapter book in 6 days? 

So, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I changed my mind about my training plan again. My knee started complaining, so I made the decision to pull out of indoor track, and possibly outdoor. I’m not willing to give up my 13.1 mile race, so my 0.5 one may have to get the cut. C’est la vie! Anyway, because of that, I switched back to Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 plan. If I go back to track then I will just jump into the intermediate one. Simple as that. For now, though, this was what was in store for me this week:

Saturday: Long run – 4 miles

Sunday: Cross training

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 3 miles

You may notice that I switched the days around, due to my work schedule, but everything else is identical! Annnd, this is what happened.

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: Long run – 5 miles @ 7:48 pace


This was seriously the strangest run for me. I wanted it to be over at mile 2.5 but somewhere along the way I just got in the zone and cranked out what would be a RACE pace for me.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Arms + abs; 3.3 mile run @ 8:20 pace; ~2 mile walk

I’m really into building my arm muscles right now, so that’s currently all I feel like training. Running builds leg strength, right? 😉

armsThis will be me soon enough.

We had to be out of our apartment for an hour and a half, so instead of extending my run way too long for my fitness level, my mom and I went for a lovely walk after we finished running and then grocery shopped. 🙂

Wednesday: Back

This was basically 15 minutes in the morning doing random exercises. I’m trying to make myself feel better about “trouble” spots by targeting them with strength training rather than lose fat. 🙂

Thursday: Arms + a suuuuuper tiny bit of abs/back

Friday: Abs + 3 mile run (this afternoon)

I suppose I need to work on following a schedule, hey? I do find his three weekday runs difficult to fit into my schedule given the fact that I work Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evening. I know I could run in the morning but that would mean the treadmill given the late sunrise and, honestly, I don’t want to keep paying for a gym membership. 😉

The plan is to run Monday/Tuesday/Friday/Saturday as you saw, and do cross training on Sunday. I would way rather do my long runs on Sunday, but since all my other runs will be in the afternoon and the race is at 7am, I think I need to practice running early.

Overall, it was a great week and I am SO excited for the 11 weeks to come!

How was your running/training/workout this week?


13 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. Woahh speedy ganzales! *high five* I love working my legs..my arm strength is on par with a chicken! Which is why most of my horses managed to get away from me hah!
    You doing fantastic girl 🙂

  2. Ah I’m thinking of signing up for a half, so I’m bookmarking this schedule! I love good runs. This morning I thought ‘hm maybe I’ll try to run an easy mile’ cause I’ve been sick lately. I ended up doing 3 miles under 20 minutes at race pace. I’m seriously on cloud nine right now! That being said, since not every day is as good as that, you’re doing amazing at watching out for your body and working around life! I’m so excited for you!!

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