Thinking Out Loud: The Randomness Continues

Good morning!
So, even though the majority all of my posts this week have been totally random, get ready for some more! Who am I to turn down an opportunity to share my (apparently never ending) disconnected thoughts?! Thanks for hosting, Amanda! I’ll try not to be too jealous of YOUR post, which I’m sure will be full of wonderful Hawaiian-ness. 😉
1. In Canada’s defence, though, this happened yesterday.


A casual ten degrees (50F) at 7pm. For some of you that may not be even remotely warm, but as you may have guessed from some of my previous posts, this is HOT. A beautiful summer day to me is 20 degrees (68F) if that helps you understand my craziness some more.

2. My Garmin has a mind of its own. On my last run, it first refused to find the satellites. As in, I was standing in front of my building for just about 10 minutes with no progress refusing. Finally I gave up, ran for a bit, and then tried to link up again. That time it worked fine, but then proceeded to show me paces switching from 4:00 minute miles to 16:00. No, I wasn’t checking while turning around or sprinting. I may be getting faster, but a world class mile time is sadly not in my future.

3. I have to memorize a speech from King Lear for English class, and so I’ve been repeating it in my head all day, ‘err day. This isn’t a problem until I realize that I’m speaking out loud in Shakespearean English and everyone around me thinks I’m a nutcase.

judging you

4. I alternate between that speech and singing French music. I’m listening to Comme on Attend le Printemps on repeat desperately attempting to understand the lyrics. I’m about four words of the way through.

5. Yesterday at work, someone bought a muffin and a tea. I plated their muffin, turned around to get the tea…and brought the muffin with me. Apparently I thought my coworker was hungry?

6. Because I haven’t been having lattes in the morning (we ran out of espresso), I feel like I’ve given up coffee. Although my pounding headaches and constant tiredness seem to agree, I’ve actually been having at least one shot of espresso per day. I work three days a week, so that’s a given, and I’ve been finding myself passing time there working while our condo is shown by realtors. So, I’m basically 0 for 7 on the caffeine addiction.

coffee It’s just too gorgeous to resist. 

7. But I am NINE for NINE on the gum addiction! I don’t even miss it. I mean, there are definitely some times where I think it would be nice to chew on something, but then I usually just go make a snack. 😉 I think I’m actually craving less now, though, and satisfied more easily now that I’m not pumping my body full of fake sugar and confusing my digestive system.

8. I had my transcript sent to the University of Toronto last week, and they acknowledged that a document (officialness has not yet been established) had arrived on March 3. I checked my application status again today, and apparently another document arrived from my school on March 11? A document that I most certainly did not send. All I can say is that I hope they didn’t decide to send them my first math quiz of the semester.


9. I graduate high school in 71 days. What? I suppose I should get my dress soon…some girls got theirs in September. And then there’s me, planning on shopping with less than two months to go and hoping for the best. 🙂

10. big-bang-theory

I am SO not a TV person, but man has this show sucked me in. Because sometimes after a long day, there’s just nothing better than curling up on the couch with a bowl of dinner (or a panini, obviously) and numb your mind while watching smart people make you laugh.

Have you seen any great TV shows lately? 

What are your ideal spring and summer temperatures? 


10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: The Randomness Continues

  1. I literally did the biggest happy dance when I checked Edmonton’s weather while I was still in Hawaii. I was scared that I’d get off the plane to be greeted be a balmy -25, which would be a pretty big shock to the old system. I have a pretty good feeling that winter is officially over, though #happydance

    And 71 more days?! Ermagherd! You must be so.flippin.excited 😀

  2. Congrats on the weather!! Nothing puts me in a better mood than a little warmth hahah! And you guys definitely deserve it. I’m spoiled here in California ;). SO exciting about graduating! Thing sare so different out of high school (in a good way) and you grow so much as a person 🙂

  3. Congratulations on almost being finished with high school. I knew a lot of girls who got their dresses early, however I waited until closer to the big day & found now problem. I think it really just depends when you want too.

  4. Heyy you better get your dress girl! What style are you after? You have to put pictures up ok!
    Gum addiction…caffeine addiction…panini addiction…you’re awesome 🙂
    Yesterday was around 18-20C over hear and I wore a coat the entire day!

  5. 71 days!!! How exciting!! 😀

    I’ve given up gum for lent. I’ve noticed I don’t have headaches anymore. Hmmmmm……. And my headaches have been almost nonexistent since I started dwindling down the amount of gum I chew…. hmmm….

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