WIAW: You Know You’re Seventeen When…


Is that a thing?

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be thrilled that it’s only Wednesday, but on Thursdays I only have class in the morning! Granted I work in the afternoon…but it’s still nice to know it’s my last full day of the week before Friday.

My eats this week have been super out of the ordinary for me. Between running, stretching/foam rolling (essential!) university applications, school, studying, homework, work, blogging and (god forbid) friends, I have barely had time to catch my breath – in a good way! I don’t feel overwhelmed like I did back in January.

Well…maybe I am just a little bit in over my head. But what’s that saying – if you’re not drowning your floating?

If you’re floating you’re drowning?

Let’s just go with this.


Thanks to Jenn for hosting the most fun of the week!

You know you’re seventeen when…breakfasts are anything and everything, as long as they are EASY. And oatmeal…well standing at the stove is apparently too much work right now. 😉


eggs + hummus

When lunches are either a sandwich or dinner leftovers. When I’m home I have been eating…you guessed it, PANINIS. Can you say the BEST valentine’s day present EVER? Yes I am fully aware I am the coolest person you know. It’s all good, I won’t tell. Sometimes I just grill my sandwich in a pan but I always miss the pretty lines.

sandwich   salad


The combination that is hummus + avocado needs to be shared with the world. My mom refuses to try it but it is second only to peanut butter and chocolate in my books. And that is saying a LOT.

And when dinners are either sandwiches thrown onto the panini press or the entire fridge thrown onto the barbecue! This heat wave we’re having over here (it’s supposed to be six degrees today – 43F) just makes me want to run around outside in shorts. Although I’m pretty sure if I did that people would think I am more crazy than I already am. I DID though see a ton of people in shorts on my run – and I was the one sweating!


Basically anything you like to eat becomes 900 000x better on the barbecue. We have been having grilled chicken (obviously), burgers, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, sandwiches (!) and basically our entire fridge. You should really be doing the same.


Oh, and while you’re at it, put your pizza on the barbecue. I promise you won’t be sorry. 🙂

Of course I’ve been snacking like a fiend, but that’s just a given. There have been no perfectly proportioned snacks nor protein shakes – I grab what I want when I want. I’m currently obsessed with pumpkin pie larabar ALT bars, almonds and raisins, and apples with peanut butter. All the apples with peanut butter.

We also made these sprouted flour chocolate chip cookies that are SO good. The only unhealthy thing in them is sugar and we substituted half of it for stevia. 🙂

Looking back on it, my eats haven’t been that different! They are simply what I want, when I want them. And I’m loving it. 🙂

Do you eat differently when you’re busy? 


15 thoughts on “WIAW: You Know You’re Seventeen When…

  1. Hay, is pleasant to read me the one who uses metric system… In a bigger measure to that I understand at once, about what temperature you speak 😀
    When I am occupied, it is always difficult for me to find time to prepare and eat a normal dinner. Therefore I have usually a bite the mountain of snack – such as fruit, yogurts, flakes. It isn’t really well reflected in my health therefore I don’t practice it often!

  2. For some reason of which I am unaware of, I used to think it was ‘panani’. Hahaa! All the more reason to get this panini maker you can’t stop singing about. It does make a sandwich look extra delectable.
    For some reason, busy or not – I’m too lazy to put too much effort into my meals. Breakfast for dinner I’m willing to slave a little for ( *cough* pancakes *cough*) ..but with savory meals its usually fast and furious. Barbecued pizza? Never done that! Sounds groovy 🙂

  3. All those pics of your food look good! You definitely eat a whole lot better than I did at 17! If I ate that well I wouldn’t have gained the “Freshman 25” in college. Boy, that was almost 14 yrs ago for me. Yikes! Now you are making me feel really old :/

  4. Oooh I have a 17teen year old daughter that sounds just as crazy busy as you and guess what?! She actually said yesterday that she was thinking about trying running in the summer. Now if I could get her to start eating just a bit healthier….she tried my cauliflower rice the other night and couldn’t tell the difference. lol! Thanks for sharing! Have you ever tried avocado and blackberry jam on a sandwich before? You should!

  5. I neeeed to find these pumpkin pie ALT bars ASAP. I am currently crushing on the Peanut Cookie ones. They are delicious 🙂

    I totally agree about the breakfast thing. I’m the same way. At least you spend more than 5 minutes on your breakfast sometimes. I get in terrible habits of microwave breakfasts… I need to vary it up more, but with school, who has the time?? 😉

    I’m the opposite when it comes to lunch. I always have a salad, soup in a thermos, or leftovers. 🙂

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