Confessions: Senioritis Edition

You know it’s going to be a long week when Monday felt like Friday and Tuesday…still feels like Friday. I have totally caught spring fever, and add that to the fact that I’m graduating in 2.5 months (?!?!) and leaving for Toronto in three, I am just totally done with studying and work and ready to…well study and work some more. But at UNIVERSITY. 🙂
  1. My life is currently school/work/run/eat/school/sleep and I 100% love it. Well minus the school part so I 71% love it. But that doesn’t sound as optimistic so lets go with 100. 🙂
  2. Maybe I don’t hate math as much as I thought I did. I got 97% on a test and guessed on approximately 79% of it.
  3. Can you tell I’m taking math this semester with all of these numbers? The funny thing is I was writing down examples yesterday and went from example #11 to #3…and continued back up to #10 before I realized.
  4. Between school, work, and life, my mom and I ate paninis for dinner for a solid week. Zero regrets.sandwich
  5. My food groups have officially become: carrots, apples, yogurt, bread, and chocolate. That’s balanced, right?
  6. I also haven’t had time to see this beautiful face in MONTHS. I may drop dead any day now.
  7. I also keep ignoring messages like this and then am furious when I can’t take a picture of my dinner. Hence the shot of a sandwich that was actually from lunch…but you get the idea.full storage
  8. Since we’ve run out of nespresso capsules, I feel like I’ve given up coffee (since I’m not having it in the morning) but thanks to work I’ve had a solid 3+ shots of espresso almost daily. Can you say caffeine addiction?
  9. I have to fight a daily urge to wear shorts. This eight degree weather is just totally jiving with me right now. Please god don’t let it start to freeze again. (Even though eight degrees – 46F – is apprently freezing for some of you wimps crazies lucky little southerners.
  10. I like how this started out as a school confessions post and ended with me talking about pants. Annnnnnd we’re back to senioritis.

Have you ever had a caffeine addiction? 


6 thoughts on “Confessions: Senioritis Edition

  1. Prepare yourself for a TON of work in college (depending on what your major is) hahah. I dream of going back to high school since it’s so much easier in comparison ;)!

    And there’s nothing wrong with a mouthful of delicious panini everyday… melty cheese steals my heart ❤

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