Thinking Out Loud. [Saturday on a Thursday!]

Call me crazy, but I still don’t know how it’s Thursday again! I don’t have to go to class today (hooray for mid-morning appointments) so there was no 5am alarm clock this morning. 🙂

On today’s agenda:

  1. Lazily break the fast
  2. RUN
  3. Discover all my ailments
  4. Lot’s of King Lear-ing
  5. Workworkwork
  6. SLEEP

An exciting life I lead, hey? Well, at least we have Thinking Out Loud to keep things interesting! Thanks, Amanda. 🙂


1. I am so glad I deactivated my Facebook. For a while, every time I scrolled through my news feed I would just get irritated. So finally I got rid of my account and regret nothing. It’s so freeing to not see all the BS people at my school are doing and saying, not to mention the time I save!

2. Sweet potato and nut butter. Holy deliciousness how have I not come across this sooner. My mom thinks it is absolutely revolting but it is now my second favourite food combo. Peanut butter and chocolate being #1 because chocolate. 

3. I’m giving up coffee for a while. I know what you’re thinking. I work in a coffee shop – how on EARTH is that supposed to happen? Well, every time I’ve had it over the last week or so it’s given me a headache and just made me feel generally blah. It will definitely be hard to turn down the mini machiattos that come up oh-so-often at work, but I’m hoping it makes a difference.

latteI suppose I could have matcha instead of espresso…

4. It’s ES-presso, people. Speaking of espresso, you would not believe what happened to me at work last weekend. A couple came up to the till and the guy first ordered a hazelnut latte. Okay, buddy, if you had bothered to look at the menu you would have SEEN that we do not have hazelnut! It was an innocent mistake, though, and he can be forgive. The girl, though…she wanted EXpresso with WHIPPED CREAM! It’s bad enough that you said EX, but whipped cream on a shot of espresso? It made me want to throw up. And then when I said that drink wasn’t on the menu she got super annoyed with me and asked why we didn’t have whipped cream in a cafe. Goodness. 

5. I want chalkboard paint SO badly! I saw this on Pinterest the other day and have not been able to get it out of my head. How amazing would it be to be able to write messages, reminders, or anything you want?!


6. It still doesn’t feel like 2014. I actually wrote “2013” on a quiz the other day – I can’t believe it. I also only have FIVE full months left of living at home. Then it’s time for the real world. I’m extremely excited but I am also shaking in my boots.

7. I haven’t painted my nails in an eternity. There was a time in my life where I would literally paint them 3+ times per week. Now, I can’t remember the last time I’ve had colour on my hands. It’s partly because ain’t nobody got time fo dat, but it’s also because HOLY MAN ALIVE I HATE CHIPPING. There are very few things in life that irritate me more than chipped nails. And since I never had the patience to actually let my nails dry, they usually chipped within ten minutes of finishing painting them. No wonder I stopped. 

8. Who else can’t wait for Veronica Mars? Oh wow was I ever obsessed with this show when it was on. I still love Kristen Bell, and am beyond excited to see her in action again! You had better believe I will be at the theatre on March 14.


9. Speaking of movie theatres…I worked at one for a grand total of six hours. It was my first job, if you can even call it that, and quite possibly one of the worst experiences of my life. People yelled at me for not putting enough butter on their popcorn and my manager expected me to work until 1am three nights per week. At fifteen years old. Looking back on it now, though, it’s preeeetty darn hilarious. Can I have the award for shortest job now, please?

10. It’s COOKIE time! So seeing as I have been talking about muffins for at LEAST the past five points, I think it’s high time I actually have some cookies in my life. These from Chocolate Covered Katie are on my horizon right now and will soon be in my stomach. 🙂


Are you a coffee drinker? 

What movie/TV show is your all-time favourite? 


7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud. [Saturday on a Thursday!]

  1. I’ve just found myself (mentally) yelling YES! at my screen – on the espresso thing (I don’t correct people much but when I hear expresso I have to or there’ll be hot coffee everywhere). Also yes to sweet potato and nut butter. And for you having the guts to disown FB. And coffee… I do that from time to time for a ‘caffeine reset’. Tastes so much better after!

    • I’m not sure how long I can last sans coffee…we’re on day 1 and I’m already feeling it.

      It hurts me when people say expresso but I never correct them, since they usually are too busy going on about their love for Starbucks. 😉

  2. Coffeeeeeee… I love the stuff and drink it every day, but I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 cups a day otherwise my stomach starts doing goofy things. And whipped cream on an espresso shot? Yeah I don’t think so.

    PS – try adding some maple syrup to the SP/AB combo — your world will never be the same.

  3. Hope you do well on giving up coffee! I usually only drink it a few times a week, but lately I have been having a cup everyday, so I think it’s safe to say I’m becoming an addict! And by the way, I love your blog! 🙂

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