I WILL Make It Happen!

Ola, friends.

I’m not sure why that just popped into my head considering I just spent 2+ hours drilling reflexive verbs, object pronouns and imparfait in French into my head, but, such is my brain.

I’m also 110% sure that is the only word of Spanish I know. (And I spent nearly three weeks there!)

ham museumSadly, though, I did not enter the Ham Muesum.

Improving my French has been something I have wanted to do for years now. I’ve taken it for nearly nine years (!) and while I can usually formulate a sentence to get my point across, it’s not always pretty. Being fluent in a second language opens so many doors, especially in Canada, so it definitely frustrates me to still feel so mediocre with my French after all this time.

But, instead of dwelling on it, I am going to take action! Clearly classroom French does not have anywhere near the effects of French immersion. Since I don’t exactly have the ability to pop over to Paris for a few months (I still have to finish that pesky little thing called high school), I’m going to start listening to French music and reading books in French!

I also changed the language on my phone – the French keyboard is SO WEIRD! It also autocorrects every single word I type, so this should be interesting. 😉

french phone

I’m hoping that this will increase my comfort level in the language at least a little bit. And, since it’s the beginning of March (someone please tell me where last September went) I decided to make a list of other things that I WILL accomplish this month. These are not merely goals – they are items that I will without a doubt make happen, come hell or high water.

french phone 22

It’s too easy to make lists of things that I kind of sort of want to do, and then completely forget about them. Not this time!

1. Have a (mostly) fluent conversation in French. No, I don’t plan on magically becoming fluent in French in one month. But I do happen to have a friend that lives in France, and so my goal by the end of March is to be able to have a conversation with her without pausing before every sentence to think about verb conjugation/word order.

le chocHer and her wordly French newspaper.

2. Maintain an average above 90%. In the world of UBC and Simon Fraser I have this average, but that is only thanks to a mark inflation and choice between submitting my course mark or course mark + diploma mark. For my #1 school, U of T, my average for semester 1 is a little below that. I don’t necessarily need a 90% to get in, but it is a competitive school and a higher mark will only help me. So for semester 2, you can bet I’ll have 90+. 🙂


3. Ignore calories COMPLETELY. I don’t count them anymore – I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually added up a full day of eats – but I do estimate meals/snacks throughout the day to try and hit a range. I usually end up ignoring that “goal” by the time dinner comes around, but it’s still something I think about. By April 1 I will create recipes and meals based on nutrition alone, and calories will not enter the picture. 🙂

4. Eliminate aspartame. I’ve 100% kicked the diet coke habit (ew), but I still chew an exorbitant amount of gum and definitely am not vigilant about checking labels for artificial sweeteners. Ideally I will get rid of fake chemicals and soy completely, but for now they are in so many foods that I’m just focusing on aspartame for the month of March. I’m just not ready to give up my deli turkey and granola quite yet. 😉


5. Read 4 books. How said is it that I set a goal to read 100 books in 2014 and am at a grand total of THREE? I blame Instagram. I think 100 is pretty solidly out of my reach at this point, but I am going to do my best to recover! With the amount of time I spend on the bus/wasting time on my phone I should be able to tear through four books no problemo. Just last weekend I read one in a day.

cuckoo's callingStill working on finishing this one.

I have a ton of other goals on my mind (ahem, University of Toronto, Calgary Half Marathon) but this post is focussing solely on things that I have 100% control over and are feasible to wholly commit to. I may not get into my ideal, perfect dream university (although I am feeling pretty confident. 🙂 ) but I WILL make these things happen.

March, come at me!

What is one thing you WILL do in March? 


4 thoughts on “I WILL Make It Happen!

  1. Once you kick that Diet Coke habit, it will SO gross to go back, I promise you. I was blogging from a McDonald’s lobby because the wifi at my parents’ house sucks, and so in order to not get kicked out, I was guzzling Coke Zero and my mouth tasted DISGUSTING when I woke up this morning, even after I brushed them. Good call on kicking the diet coke!

  2. I love these goals!! 🙂 It sounds like you’re going to do great things in March. I am still working on perfecting my March goals! I’m a little late- oopsies.

    How is that book? I’m curious if I should read it:)

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