My 1 Day Vegan Experiment – And Why I’ll Never Do it Again

Happy Friday!

I can’t say that this week was too hard for me, seeing as it was only three days long thanks to teacher’s convention, but it’s still nice to see Friday roll around. Annnd, thanks to the fact that I still have two more days after today to tackle my to-do list…


The reason being that today has a lovely forecast of MINUS THIRTY SIX DEGREES CELSIUS. (-33F). It’s safe to say I am not leaving my house. This isn’t the worst its gotten in my city, but its the worst its been in a loooong while, especially considering a good chunk of our January was wonderfully spring-like. Speaking of wonderful:

To every single person who commented on my post yesterday, thank you. Congratulations on my exams, compliments and encouragement…they all mean so much to me! Thank you for taking the time to brighten my day. 🙂 

Annnd, back to the title I am sure you are all wondering about! I wanted to post this today, seeing as it is still National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Now, I am by no means saying that all/the majority of vegans deal with disordered eating. The truth of the matter is, though, it seems to be a very convenient excuse for many that are struggling to go without food. I know I tried to use it – “I would love to eat that cupcake/pizza/homemade meal/99% of food offered, but I’m a vegan. Sorry!” I never actually was a vegan – it was simply an occasionally used technique to cover up why I didn’t want food.

Now, I am far, far beyond not wanting to eat – you should see the amount I can pack away these days – but the idea of veganism had been on my radar for quite some time. I’m not sure why, seeing as I had, and still have, absolutely zero desire to become a vegan. I simply wanted to give it a shot.

Spoiler: I lasted until 4pm.

Although I ate a lot of food, it was nowhere near satisfying and I felt miserable almost all day long. I was hungry immediately after breakfast, which was Silver Hills The Big 16 toast and hummus. I thought I was being smart and including proteins, fats, and carbs. Less than ten minutes after finishing my breakfast, I was munching on almonds, an apple with peanut butter, and a muffin.


These were still delicious, though.

I was snacking so much that I didn’t even end up eating lunch – I just ate more hummus with carrots, toast, chickpeas, etc.  I probably ate two cups of carrots just to get some semblance of feeling full!


I went out to the mall in the afternoon, and felt like a shadow of myself. I was sitting down while my friends were looking at clothes – I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep! I was so so tired, I couldn’t believe it. I ate a Simply bar while we were there, and when I got home I just completely snapped.

I went for ALL the chicken and yogurt I could get my hands on, and then followed it up with the best latte I’ve ever tasted. And guess what? I immediately felt better. The fog began to lift, and I actually became a normal human being again.


I’m not sure why my vegan experiment was such a failure, to be perfectly honest. No, I didn’t have a legitimate “lunch”, but my breakfast and snacks all contained a solid amount of protein, carbs, fats, and, though I didn’t count them, calories as well.

Regardless of the why, it certainly did not work out for me and I have zero desire to feel that way again. I love my turkey and cheese paninis, my chicken, my american mistos in the morning and my yogurt bowls. ALL the yogurt.


I have a lot of respect for vegans and plant-based eaters for all that they do for the environment. Not eating animal products does dramatically cut down on emissions, not to mention reduces animal cruelty. And for those who feel fantastic while doing it, power to you! It’s just something that didn’t work for me.

So although my experiment was not a success (far from it), I have no regrets. “Vegan” kept nagging at me every time I saw a plant-based meal/post/pin, and now it is no more.

I will have my meat and eat it too, thank you. 🙂


Have you ever tried/considered plant-based eating? 


9 thoughts on “My 1 Day Vegan Experiment – And Why I’ll Never Do it Again

  1. Ohemgeee my brain cannot comprehend that level of cold! It must hurt to breath in the frozen air!?! And I thought I was dying with -1C last winter..remind me to never travel to Canada if I ever decide to 😉
    Hmm veganism..obviously it works for some, and they thrive on it. From what I’ve seen on some blogs, lots of good food can still be created and consumed on a vegan diet. I wouldn’t try it myself because my life evolves around dairy at this stage. But I admit that some time ago I was trying to survive solely of plants. Mainly raw at that. Which is why huge, raw salads make me cringe.

    • It’s that type of cold you feel in your lungs. Not the funnest! And I will neeeever tell you not to visit our country! It’s quite beautiful, even in the winter, and if you come for a select ~4 days (I kid) in the summer its warm too!

      Dairy = bomb. Enough said. 🙂

  2. Hey, I have been following for a week now. I love your blog! I am seventeen too. I love to run and did three half marathons this summer, you will do great! the best part about the races is how fun it is to run with so many other nice people :).

  3. That kind of cold is curl up with tea and never get out of pajamas ever kind of cold!! 😦 Yeah, I definitely love my yogurt and protein way too much to ever become a vegan. I have vegetarian and vegan friends, and I give them a lot of credit. It’s not an easy lifestyle choice!!

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