Currently: February 2014

Happy Monday!

Annnnd, here we go again. Can someone tell me how time managed to squeeze two days into approximately 0.4 seconds? Because that’s how fast this weekend went by.


I definitely can’t complain, though – I have Thursday and Friday off this week thanks to teacher’s convention. Although, who’s with me in the fact that this week will still feel long? Thursday and Friday are the shortest days to me, with Monday to Wednesday always seeming to last forever. And ever and ever and ever. 

Ah, well, such is life. I’m sure I’ll live until tomorrow to tell the tale. I’m sort of craving a Thinking Out Loud post right now, but seeing as I have to wait aaaaallll the way until Thursday for that fun, let’s do a Currently post instead!

Current Addiction

Reading! On Thursday I just sort of snapped at the idea of wasting my life away on my phone, and have been a reading machine. I finished Allegiant, started and finished a random 200 page novel, and am currently halfway through The Cuckoo’s Calling. I’m loving it! I’m beyond behind on my goal to read 100 books in 2014, but I’m catching up!

Current Excitement 

I had my nose a little too far in a book this morning to watch the game (at 5am on a Sunday morning, yes) but I still could not be happier for Canada! We won olympic gold in hockey against Sweden yesterday, and I am SO proud to be Canadian. I honestly think that it is simply a given that we will win gold in hockey (for both men AND women, mind you!). We have had either our men or women win every winter olympics since 2002, and both teams won in Vancouver 2010 AND Sochi 2014.

Current Bane of My Existence

WHERE ARE MY DIPLOMA MARKS? As I told you on Thursday, I ran over to City Hall to give them a piece of my mind when my marks weren’t in the mail Friday afternoon.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t. But I’m going out of my mind! Not only do I still not know my final grades, I can’t send in my official transcripts to one of the universities I’m applying to by the scholarship deadline. ARGH I am so annoyed. I’m trying to stay positive, though, and just hope that they understand! 


Current Adoration

My panini press! I have been putting just about everything into this baby and she makes them so much better. Also, it turns out that if you don’t check your sandwich every 15 seconds, it cooks a thousand times faster! Who would have thought?

Current Repugnance (love that word!)

Downton Abbey. I’m sorry, people, but I just can’t do it. I have tried watching the first three episodes and it never fails to make me want to be dead fifteen minutes in. I wish I could love it just so that I could watch Maggie Smith, but even she doesn’t save the show for me. Truthfully, though, I’m kind of over TV in general. Lately it’s just been making me feel lethargic and brain-dead.

maggie smithLet’s be honest here, rules don’t apply to Maggie Smith.

Current Question

Who in their right mind would come up with the Hypothermic Half Marathon? Holy man alive I thought I was a crazy for planning to train in this weather, but apparently there were people nuts enough to casually run 131. miles yesterday, which had a casual low of -31 DEGREES CELSIUS (-24F). Don’t get me wrong, I have so much respect for those brave souls, it’s just…ouch. 


What’s the coldest weather you’ve ever run in?

-15. And I call myself Canadian.


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