The Real & Official Spring Training Plan

Welcome to my Half Marathon Training Plan version 2.0!

I’m now actually calling it my “Spring Training Plan” since I am training for both 13.1 miles and 0.2 miles. 🙂

Although I was basically in love with my first half marathon training plan, the realization that I am also training for track and field kind of shot it in the head. I honestly cannot fathom how I could put together that entire plan, completely forgetting that I was obligated to be running at school at least Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am-8:45am. 



Alas and alac, I’m still registered for my half marathon on June 1, but now also have some sprinting on my calendar for the middle of March! I haven’t quite decided yet if I am going to do 800m and 200m, or just the latter. I’ve always been a middle distance runner in the track world and am sort of in love with the sick pain it gives me, so I’m not sure if I’m ready to give that up. But I also don’t want to overload myself. Decisions, decisions.

But my decisions (or lack thereof) are not what you care about! You just care about how on earth I intend to prepare myself to run almost twice the distance I have ever ran in my seventeen and a half years of existence. Yes, the half counts.

As of now, this is what we are looking at. Although, knowing me, I could very well wake up tomorrow morning and realize that I registered for an ultra marathon in my sleep and have to change everything all over again.


On my last plan, I definitely said that I chose Hal Higdon’s beginner plan for a reason and that reason (I may be an experienced runner, but I am a total distance newbie) is still 100% valid. HOWEVER, the beginner plan has no speed work on it, and I will be doing that at track practice twice a week. So I am now following Hal’s Intermediate plan, and substituting his speed work days for my practice days.This makes things infinitely more simple than attempting to compensate for extra effort by changing easy runs around or eliminating them and essentially ruining the plan. I also won’t deny that I like the long runs starting at 5 miles, because that is my own benchmark for long runs.

All I changed other than the speed work was:

  • Rest days on Saturdays instead of Fridays: I work Saturdays (not Sundays anymore – woohoo!) and have come to love my morning routine of being lazy until ~9am and then getting a ton of work done before heading over to the cafe. Not interested in changing that!
  • Switch Tuesday runs to Fridays: I have track on Tuesdays and ideally don’t want to run more than 2 back-to-back days!
  • Eliminate the short run + strength: I added in my circuit training on Wednesdays and just scrapped the short run.

I’m also just going to be doing fast runs on the days he suggests racing, since winter races are far and few between up in the arctic tundra. I’m super happy with how this is shaping up! I would absolutely love to follow a half-marathon training plan to the letter, but it’s just not feasible with my schedule right now. We do what we can, right?

Have you altered a training plan?

Any experience/advice for training for multiple distances? 


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