Half Marathon Base Training: Week 1

Good morning!

Would someone like to tell me when it became Monday? I swear it was Friday 0.02 seconds ago.


Yesterday I had an amazing run. It was one of those runs you just don’t want to end! And it was even on the treadmill…don’t ask me how that happened.

I alternated between running at 7.5mph (8:00 mile) for one song, and 8mph (7:30 mile) for another. After I had listened to ten songs, I pulled off the towel covering the screen (anyone else do that?) and steadily increased my speed for the last mile. I finished running at 10mph – 6:00 mile! I always feel like I am going to fall off the treadmill when I run at this pace.


This run really increased my confidence. I feel like we get so caught up in what we think we can do, that we don’t even allow ourselves the opportunity to realize our true potential! Case in point: I always thought that my pace had to be above 8:00 miles. Sometimes it was 8:08 and other times, 8:52, but never 7:xx. I finished this run at a 7:39 pace!!

Granted, it was on the treadmill at 0% incline, but STILL. Never stop pushing the limits and you will never stop growing. ❤

Although my official half marathon training doesn’t start for three weeks, I wanted to start some really consistent running now, so that I am accustomed to following a plan when the time comes. I know how difficult it can be to stick to a schedule, and I need some practice in getting my butt out the door before 7am!

That said, I decided to create myself a training plan to develop a running base for my half marathon! I am going to create a new one each week, so that I can adjust the runs based on how I am feeling. This is my goal for the week:

Monday (today): This total body workout from PB Fingers. I can not rave enough about this girl’s circuit workouts! They never fail to get me sweating like a maniac, in the most fun way possible!


Tuesday: Track practice. I’m not sure how I’m going to fit this in once my half training starts, but for now I’m using it as speedwork. We usually do repeats of 200m-400m, but since we do them in the hallway nothing is exact. I would say it’s a lot more like fartleks than any defined sprints. It’s also usually only ~20 minutes of hard work, since we also warm up and cool down all in a total of 35 minutes.

Wednesday: Tempo run! I’m hoping for Wednesdays to be along the same lines as my Sunday run. 5 miles is currently my favourite distance to run, and I like to do it at a challenging pace. I’m not sure how this is really going to go over seeing as I also have track Tuesday and Thursday, but like I said: it’s all about how I feel. I’m also not too sure how to fuel for this. For track practice I’ve decided on london fogs or lattes as my pre-workout snack. It may not be THE most ideal snack of perfection but it’s got protein, carbs, caffeine (so necessary) and keeps me warm on the bus. 🙂


But those workouts are not very intense, and my stomach can be really finicky on hard runs. I’m thinking dried fruit will do the trick, but I also don’t want to be hungry. Experimentation will occur here, friends. I have a post in the works about my half marathon recovery and nutrition, and what I discover will most definitely be included in that!

Thursday: Track practice!

Friday: Superset workout from Nut Butter Runner. Morganne is another blogger who creates some of my FAVOURITE workouts. They make me excited to strength train!

superset workout

Saturday: OFF. Oh, the beauty of mornings off. I’m totally incapable of sleeping past 8am, and laying in bed awake for longer than 10 minutes makes me super irritated, so it’s not like these mornings give me a lot of extra physical rest. The mental break, however, that I get by not having to run off to do this or that is totally invaluable. I like to do a decent amount of homework before work at 1pm, but since I generally wake up around 7, I have a ton of time for both productivity and procrastination. 🙂

Sunday: The Long Run. I’m going to keep these at a maximum of 7.0 miles until half training starts. This run will be between 5.0 and 7.0 miles, depending on the legs. Ideally, it will be 7 each week – but I’m not going to force anything.

I am SO excited that I finally decided to do a half marathon. I have so many more posts planned about it, so I hope you don’t mind! This has been such a goal of mine for so long and I am going to enjoy every step of the way. 🙂

Do you build a running base before training for a race? (RHYME!)

What is your current favourite workout? 


6 thoughts on “Half Marathon Base Training: Week 1

  1. I am in the same boat as you are, starting my base training for half marathon training. That circuit looks and sounds so intense. I might have to try it. Thank you for sharing and good luck with base building, I cannot wait to follow along. 🙂

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