No, You Do NOT Need a Gym!

Happy Friday!

fridayHow have I not seen this movie yet?!

I may be sniffling and sneezing my way through this morning, but that is NOT stopping me from being in a fantastic mood! Today just feels like one of those days where I woke up on the right side of the bed. 🙂

Speaking of the side of my bed, that is exactly where I have been doing my workouts lately! Due to not getting home until 4:15pm this semester, and working Wednesday afternoons, I definitely cannot continue going to the gym at 2:45pm like I have been doing so far. Yes, I could go to at 5am, but frankly that idea just repulses me. Walking outside, in the dark, in -20C, just to kick my own butt? No thank you. And, considering my half marathon training starts next month, my strength workouts will have to be quick and to the point.

So, I no longer have a gym membership! I obviously did not want to stop working out all together, and these have all gotten me beyond sweaty, using nothing but 10lb dumbbells.

1. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes – Nut Butter Runner

heads shoulders knees and toes

2. Total Body Workout – PB Fingers

3. Bodyweight Ab Workout – Pumps & Iron

4. 20 x 3 Workout – Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad workout

5. Holiday Circuit – PB Fingers

In my opinion, it is such a misconception that the only way to gain muscle and get fit is by lifting heavy weights in a gym. While that is absolutely an effective option, it does not work for everyone! I have definitely gotten stronger by working out at home. When using minimal equipment, though, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Proper form: Really focus on completing the exercise sloooowly and feeling it burn!
  • Increased reps: I’m not advocating 100 squats. I would rather do anything than endless repetitions of exercises. It should go without saying, though, that if you do 10 reps of an exercise with 20lbs that a decrease to 10lbs would require you to do more to maintain the same intensity. Don’t be afraid to adjust workouts!
  • Bodyweight: 100+ pounds is a lot of weight – take advantage of it! Touch your nose to the ground while doing pushups and always squat to parallel! (<– I always forget to do this! It’s easy to feel like you are squatting low when you are really only at ~45 degrees). Watch yourself in the mirror if you have to!

Note: I am not a personal trainer! This is simply my experience. I know that a ton of people do not have the time, resources and/or ability to access a gym and I wanted to share my tips on making fitness a priority in the simplest way possible!

The gym: Love it, hate it, or can you go either way? 


7 thoughts on “No, You Do NOT Need a Gym!

  1. I cannot wait to try those workouts – they look awesome 🙂
    I am a gym person – I absolutely love working out with lots of different options and I stay more motivated than at home. There are some days where I just prefer to stay home, though.
    I haven’t seen DM2 either! (I really, really want to)

  2. How could you not have seen Despicable Me!? Its brilliant! Wow I’m feeling the burn just by reading these workouts hahaa..the gym is not for me. I have access to a treadmill and elliptical at home but I don’t do either right now. I’m loving Pilates though 🙂

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