Let’s Think Out Loud.

It. Is. Early. But I’m strangely awake! Yesterday morning was one of those rough ones where your alarm goes off right in the middle of a deep sleep, and I was seriously out of it all day long. But I had a beyond productive afternoon/evening, went to bed early, and am now up and at ’em for track practice this morning!

As you saw on Monday, I am the most random person you will ever meet. And being productive in the homework/university application department seems to translate into even more scattered thoughts – so thanks, Amanda, for letting me get them all out!


1. I haven’t even thought about what I want for my grad dress. Some girls literally had theirs bought and tailored by mid-September. May 23 is just so far away still! I suppose I should start browsing some magazines, but I would way rather read Allegiant or The Cuckoo’s Calling. Seeing as I own exactly 2.0 dresses, however, this is a bit of a problem.

italy.dress. Somehow I don’t really think this is appropriate.

2. I’m not chewing nearly as much gum as I used to. There was a time when I actually needed it in my mouth at all hours of the day, to the point where I was going through a pack every two days. Now? I enjoy it and have a piece if I’m bored/craving it, but a pack has been lasting me around a week lately. (Fast for some, but ages for me!)

3. I just about had a heart attack this morning when the weather app on my phone told me it was -2 outside this morning and we would be seeing 14 this afternoon. Yeah, that excitement lasted for all of 0.8 seconds before I realized my phone was in Fahrenheit…I switch it over on occasion to see the types of weather you Southerners are complaining about, and had clearly forgotten to switch it back! Sadly, I don’t think we will be seeing those types of temperatures for quite some time now. Thanks, Mr. Groundhog.


I took this last night so you could see our -36 WINDCHILL. (That’s -33F). Let that sink in for a minute.

4. I have two successful morning workouts in the books now and am off to track practice shortly for my third. Now that I have a block three spare instead of block four, I have to stay at school all day (tear) and no longer get to run in the afternoons. Because, let’s be honest here, who has the motivation to get sweaty in -20C after sitting in class all day long? Certainly not this girl. I know if I don’t get in the habit of doing them in the morning, I’ll stop exercising all together, so I’m sloooowly making a change in my morning routine. I’m still not going to the gym, though – home workouts FTW.

holiday circuitThis was yesterdays…ouch.

5. I have two words for you – LONDON. FOGS. I had never had more than a few sips before because OMG unknown calories, but now that silly little numbers don’t matter to me I got one to have before practice and I am madly in love.

6. You know what I am not in love with? Waiting for exam results! I need my final marks to submit to universities, but in the diploma exam world it’s acceptable to make students wait a month to know the grade making up half of our final mark. Not cool.

patienceI’m trying to believe this.


But really I just feel like this.

7. I had no idea that the olympics start tomorrow! I actually had no idea until Amanda informed me, so thanks for that girl! The coolest part? I may actually recognize some of the ski racers! I did competitive alpine ski racing for eleven years, and although I stopped almost three years ago, a bunch of my friends continued on and got good – like, olympic level good. So there is a very real possibility that I will actually know an olympic athlete. Sick, hey?

skiracingYeaaaah, ski racers are legit. 

8. Speaking of world class sports, I find it impossible to not be astounded by elite runners like Kara Goucher. Girl runs for two and a half hours at a 5:30 minute/mile pace?! I’m lucky if I can run for 30 seconds at a 6:00 pace without falling off the treadmill.

bestIt’s just the truth.

9. They played Comme on Entend le Printemps by Jerome Couture this morning over the intercom at school and a part of me died inside. I know it was on a popular TV show and is hardly an indie little find but I felt super hipster for listening to French music. I am in love with French now that I’m taking it again (I didn’t have it first semester), so it was like a double whammy. 😦

10. I’ve always thought that eight was my favourite number, and when I went to write #9 I thought darn!. But then I remembered that I actually only starting liking eight because a girl on my soccer team stole the #9 jersey because she knew it was my favourite. Girls. Always the charmers, aren’t we? 😉

 Will you be watching the Olympics this year?

What’s on your mind today? 


12 thoughts on “Let’s Think Out Loud.

  1. That F/C actually happens to me more than I care to admit… the joys of blogging in a heavily-Americanized blog world 😛 But -2 sounds like a dream right now compared to the -25 that we’ve been dealing with… I swear I’m going to bust out the tee shirts and shorts as soon as we hit 0. At least we’re not dealing with some of those crazy storms that they’re getting in the east though 😕

  2. Just found your blog ! it is so cute 🙂 Do you run XC ? you should ! it is so fun !!! < I am really excited to find another teenage blogger 🙂

  3. If I was nearby I’d totally meet up with you to decide on your dress..I love that kind of thing! Yeee, I can feel the chill just by looking at those temps. And what is a London Fog? Yeaah I know nothin’ 😉 . Wow girl, competitive ski racer..cool 😀

  4. Oh my goodness that weather 😦 That’s terrible!! 😦

    “now that silly little numbers don’t matter to me I got one to have before practice and I am madly in love”

    That line really resonates with me. Food should be a little joy in life. I’m so glad you are getting to have that (:

    I love Kara Goucher. Can I like be her, for a day, just to feel what it’s like to run so fast you’re practically flying? (;

  5. Haha the soccer jersey story makes me laugh – because I had someone do that to me (with a different number)!
    Waiting for exam grades stinks – it took my French teacher almost another month to get them up after the rest of my teachers put up theirs!

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