A Day in the Life: Post-Exams!

Good morning! The title pretty much says it all. Yesterday was filled with a whooole lot of doing whatever the heck I wanted. After three weeks of nothing but stress and anxiety, today was all about rest recovery. I’ve been seeing these “Day in the life” posts floating around lately, and while yesterday was certainly not my most exciting day, it was definitely one of my favourites in a looonnng while. I honestly believe that it is so important to just kick back and relax once in a while. Speaking from experience: burnout & breakdowns are not fun! So this is what I did to reboot and prepare myself for the upcoming semester!

8:30am: I rolled over and was shocked at the time (usually I’m bounding out of bed before 6), and proceeded to scroll through instagram and Bloglovin‘. It was glorious to be able to do this guilt-free. I looked through lots of workouts (PB Fingers has my favourites!) and found a million recipes I NEED to try. This went on until my stomach informed me it was time for breakfast.

chia cookies These are currently #1 on my to-make list. [source.]

 9:30am: A leisurely omelet and toast was enjoyed in bed (because, where else?), where multiple WIAW posts were enjoyed via my phone. No picture because I fail at omelet-flipping. Seriously. Anyone want to help a girl out? I always end up with at least three broken pieces!

10:30am: My stomach happy, I jumped onto the computer to comment on the posts I read! I ordinarily only have time to get through a few, so it was fun to connect with other bloggers I wouldn’t have otherwise.

11:30am: My workout ended up being way sweatier than I was expecting! I started off on the treadmill because my poor little Garmin didn’t want to go outside in the -15 blizzard. I wonder why?! I decided I was in the mood for a short and speedy workout, since I ran 7.0 miles on Monday. I ran for one song at 8mph, one at 7mph, and repeated that until I had run 2.5 miles. I then increased at random intervals until I was sprinting the last 0.1 of my 3.1 miles at a 6:00 pace! (10mph). Ouch. Ordinarily that would have been enough for me, but I will NOT allow strength training to slide while training for this half marathon, so I hopped on over to the weights section to complete an upper body workout.

I ordinarily only do full body circuits when I strength train, but I knew I wanted a workout tomorrow that didn’t involve running, so I opted to save my legs for then! This is one my absolute favourite circuits, and it never fails to leave my arms and abs quivering.


12:30pm: FOOD! After that workout, I was beyond starving. Less than 60 seconds after walking in the door, I was heating up the pan to grill myself a hummus, avocado and turkey sandwich! Yum. Sadly only a tiny bit of the avo was salvageable, but it was delicious nonetheless.

hummus sandwich

The couple of hours after that went by in a bit of a blur. I browsed through Pinterest, typed up some blog ideas, and texted friends! Like I said, I’ve been on a strict time frame forever so I wasn’t remotely concerned about being unproductive.

3:30pm: Time to venture into the world of the living! My mom recently got a Jawbone and has been absolutely raving about it, so we went to get me one as well! I won’t be using it to track my calories, but I’m loving the idea of monitoring my activity and sleep! Although I won’t be actually counting my calories, I think it will be a nice reminder for me of how much I am actually burning, just on the days I need that extra boost to eat a little more. 🙂


6:00pm: I got home and was frozen to DEATH. Plus starving. So I curled up on the couch with a blanket, food, and Allegiant. What a tough life I lead, hey?

6:30pm: Realize I should probably make myself semi-presentable so as to not scare off the general public.

7:00pm: Movie! I met up with a few friends and we saw American Hustle, which was okay. I’m not a movie person AT ALL, so it’s very rare for me to walk out of one thrilled.

10:30pm: Two words. Fro. Yo.

11:00pm: The five minute walk home in -17C might as well been a 5 mile run considering how long it felt. A steaming hot shower was immediately followed by bed. No staying up past midnight for this girl, even when I don’t have school/work the next day. What can I say, mornings are my favourite time of day and I don’t like to miss them!

I hope that this wasn’t terribly boring! I had big plans to do some recipe creating today but I just couldn’t make myself. Have an amazing day!

What’s your favourite thing to do to relax?

Mornings: Yay or nay? 


8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Post-Exams!

  1. This day is utter perfection..and very well deserved 🙂 . Big Yay for mornings!..I sometimes wonder if I’m nuts being the only one getting into bed early on a weekend night. Rather that I think, than sleeping late and still waking early because my body refuses to miss out on early mornings/breakfast :-p

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