Thinking Out Loud: A Million Things To Celebrate!

How’s that for the cheesiest title of all time?

It’s okay, though, because yesterday morning just happened to be one of the best mornings of my life. Which is why I am linking up with Thinking Out Loud today, so that I can share all of the unrelated awesomeness that is currently in my life!



1. I registered for a half marathon!

calgary marathon

I am sort of in shock that I actually did it…I have been planning on this race for several months now but always had some reason to put off registering. Then I realized how ridiculous I was being, bit the bullet, and signed myself up to run 13.1 miles!

Sooner or later I will realize the immensity of what I’ve done and freak out. But I’m sort of still on a high from the fact that…


2. I bought a Garmin! I could NOT be more excited. I took her out for a spin less than 24 hours after I got it. It would have been sooner, but you know, that thing called life kinda gets in the way. <– what a jerk!

I absolutely loved my run. It was beyond amazing not to have to hold my phone and unlock it every time I wanted to check my pace/time. Although, I probably looked at my watch less than four times for the entire 5 miles! I will not be a Garmin slave. I will not be a Garmin slave. I will not be a Garmin slave.

Annnnnnd, guess what else?

toronto university

3. I applied to my dream school! The University of Toronto has the perfect program for me: Professional Writing & Communications. I want to do some type of writing or work in publishing, so this is an ideal degree for me. Not to mention the fact that the campus is STUNNING. Now it’s just the waiting game – I can last until April…maybe.

4. I have put ZERO thought into my grad dress. Speaking of university, there’s this little thing called graduating high school that usually comes before it…A TON of girls got their dresses in SEPTEMBER. But me? Weeellll, I’m just gunning to actually have one by May 23/24.



5. I need hand cream. STAT. And not the Bath & Body Works hand cream. Something that will actually make a difference in eliminating the dragon scales that have formed on my hands. They have been SO beyond dry lately, to the point where they basically bleed if you touch me.

6. I love being Canadian. If the absolutely stunning whether we’ve been having lately wasn’t enough of a reason, Canada now has a better economy than the United States! According to the HuffingtonPost, we are the second best country in the world to do business in, second only to Hong Kong. I’m not trying to make any of my Southern friends feel bad – it’s just fun to sometimes get a leg up on you since you seem to dominate everything else!

Canada-1Nope…I definitely do not hate living within driving distance of this beauty.

I used to be really annoyed by the fact that I lived in Canada and not somewhere exotic like Paris or exciting like New York City. And while I would still absolutely love to travel around the world, I think I am quite happy in what feels like my own little corner of the world.

Happy Thursday!


11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: A Million Things To Celebrate!

  1. So that news about Canada is pretty freaking epic — go us! And speaking of Canadaland… heck yeah for U of T! I was considering applying there myself back in the day, and I’m -still- kicking myself for not doing it and going to U of A instead. You can’t beat that kind of gorgeousness.

    Oh, and for the hand cream, have you tried Aveeno’s daily moisturizer with colloidal oatmeal? I swear it’s one of the only things I’ve found that works.

    • No, I haven’t tried it! I will definitely look for it ASAP.

      A TON of people here go to the U of A, so it’s not like anyone can blame you for staying at home. I just know for a 100% fact that if I don’t leave Edmonton, it will because I let fear get the best of me. And I will regret it.

  2. I’ve always wanted a Garmin..just because I think it’s super cool! Ooh I may just have to join you in Toronto :p – that place is stunning! Girl you got to give your hands some TLC..Woolworths shea & vanilla cream is divine. But I’m thinking whatever you end up using just to ensure you reapply often?

  3. 1) Um, hello. I want to come live in Canada
    2) I have dragon hands too – have you tried Aquaphor or Eucerin?
    3) You are SPEEDY – I can’t run an 8:02 pace for 2 miles, let alone 5!
    4) University of Toronto has to accept you – they would be dumb not to!

  4. A half marathon?? How exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear all about your training (: My best friend wants to go to U of T! Good luck, I know it can be competitive. My best friend is Canadian and I must agree- Canada sounds like an AWESOME place to live. Besides maybe the cold. (:

  5. I loved going to visit my family in Calgary. Maybe soon this or next year. Last time I went was summer of 2010 and I remember it being sunny from 5 AM-11 PM! Insanity!

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