Can You Honestly Tell Me?

Good morning! I know today starts the beginning of yet another week for the vast majority of you out there, but today is actually my first day “off” in two weeks! I say “off” because I will be studying the nervous and endocrine systems as well as DNA all day long, but I don’t have anywhere that I need to be! Yay for coffee shop studying. 🙂


I’m not going to lie – a lot of times in the evenings I try to “plan” what I am going to eat the next day. I don’t hold myself to a rigid schedule anymore, but I like to have a general idea of my meals to ensure that I have enough of some things and not too much of another. For example: I can’t have cheese in my sandwich at lunch because I had yogurt and milk at breakfast and will be having EITHER a latte in the afternoon or goat cheese in my salad at dinner.

latteWHERE is the sense in denying myself this goodness? [source.]

Note: either, not both. This time, though, my little “planning” session got me thinking:

headsI needed some extra brainpower.

Why is it that there are so many unspoken rules about the things we are supposed to eat? Can you honestly tell me:

  • Why it is a bad thing for those who have no adverse effects from it to eat dairy? I don’t know when I started demonizing dairy, but I now only feel “allowed” to have 3-4 servings a day. I’m not lactose intolerant, and I have never experienced any indigestion/stomach issues from dairy, EVER. So if I want a large latte instead of regular, and that ends up being around 2 cups of milk, WHY SHOULD I CARE?

IMG_00072Because…cheese. [source.]

  • Why it is seemingly necessary to define our diets? Everywhere I look nowadays I see vegans and vegetarians, I see paleo, and primal. There’s gluten free, dairy-free, sugar-free, food-free…okay, now I’m exaggerating. But my point is like what I said about dairy – for those who don’t have specific intolerances or medical requirements to eat a certain way, why is there so much pressure to?

eggs + hummusLegumes! And animal products! And gluten! All in one meal – call the doctor! NOT. 

  • Who decided “strong is the new skinny” was supposed to make anyone feel better? Because the way I see it, all the societal hype about thin models and actresses made larger girls (even size 2) feel bad about themselves. And now, girls that don’t have ultra-defined muscles are starting to feel self-conscious. I’ve definitely started criticizing my lack of upper body definition after looking at countless instagram pictures with that phrase emblazoned on them.

emmaYou know what stronger arms would change about how I felt in this picture? NOTHING. Pure Italian bliss. 

  • Why you have to do ANYTHING that you don’t want to do? Case in point: I hate lifting heavy weights. It is not remotely fun for me and I left the only serious lifting workout I ever did completely miserable – the total opposite of the endorphin high exercise should bring! I genuinely love doing circuit training and running. There is absolutely no reason for me to force myself to CrossFit or squat my body weight or anything that does not bring me joy – and that applies to all aspects of life as well, not just fitness. If you hate running, DON’T DO IT. If reading classic literature makes you want to rip your hair out, grab a magazine and stop judging yourself.  Life is way too short to try and do it all, so you might as well just do what makes you truly happy.

Intellectually, I know the answers to these questions. I wrote them down! But I need to work on really believing them. Once I do that, I think that I will be way more at peace with so many aspects of my life.

What is one expectation you just do not understand? 


9 thoughts on “Can You Honestly Tell Me?

  1. You are so right girl; rules..labels..plans. That’s all we seem to live by! I have too many pointless ones to count, but I have been making an effort to rebel where I can 😉

  2. And this is why I love your blog. I honestly love weight training and using weight machines, but I can’t stand rowing or slow paced yoga. So …
    Can you honestly tell me why it matters if I eat fruit after 2 o’clock? (A “not allowed” snack according to Blogilates)

  3. ^^ What Liz said, “this is why I love your blog”- So true (: I definitely find myself struggling with rules that are all in my head. Mine tend to be more with numbers though, such as breakfast having to be under XX calories, I can’t have a granola bar as an after school snack if I didn’t eat under XX carbs at lunch, etc. I know that these “rules” are stupid- but yet there are many days when I let them define me. Great posts like these help break down the barriers of us and our food rules. I really like your point about defining diets. Can’t I just eat what I like and not eat what I don’t? I should be able to politely refuse a snack without saying “I’m gluten-free” just because I know it’ll bother my stomach- I don’t need a label for that.

  4. Great post! I’m not a fan of the strong is the new skinny campaign either. If they meant strong as in strong women who have overcome feeling like they need to change their appearance for society, I would be all in!

    I definitely don’t think forcing yourself to lift ridiculously heavy is good either if yo don’t like it. Body weight exercises and moderately sized weights have HUGE benefits for your bones though! That’s the main reason why I lift :).

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