Thinking Out Loud & Keeping it Together




You are actually hallucinating right now. You are not reading a post from me. Because I’m dead.

voldemort My new look. You like? 

Weeellll, maybe I’m exaggerating just a wee bit. Luckily, I am in fact still breathing, so I can still join in all of the Thinking Out Loud fun, thanks to Amanda! The 5am wake up calls are beginning to take their toll on me.

1. I can’t believe this, but… I’m sick of Harry Potter. I know, the horror! But I went to the exhibition in my city last month and I was honestly just waiting for it to end. I suppose reading the books 15 times and the moves at least 20+ (once all in a row) will do that to you, but its a weird feeling seeing as I was SO OBSESSED for SO LONG. Although, I still do have a minor infatuation with Voldemort…and literary villains in general, actually. King Claudius is my main man.

2. I am convinced that days now have <20 hours. On Tuesday, I wrote essays for three hours as part A of an exam worth 50% of my grade. I then went to class in the afternoon, and continued on to chemistry diploma prep for four hours from 5:30-9:30. I essentially did the same thing yesterday, only I just had a (regular) unit final in the morning. And today I work for five hours after class in the morning! Fun times. When am I supposed to do any of the really important things in my life, like blog/comment, run, and have actual social interactions? Oh yeah, from 4-6am. 😉

3. I have been waking up earlier and earlier lately. And it’s not like I can go back to sleep – the moment I wake up, I literally BOLT upright and am ready for action. I know I’m going to crash again like I did last week, but if I stop moving, I can never get going again. Anyone else in the same boat?

fruit-hootMe at 5am this morning, no exaggeration. 

4. I HAVEN’T EATEN GREEK YOGURT IN THREE DAYS. Hold up. The earth has officially stopped spinning. First I just actually didn’t feel like it (gasp) and then we ran out (refer to #2 for reasons as to why the grocery store one minute away from my building is currently inaccessible).

gyI can’t decide if I miss this or not.

5. I need new breakfast ideas. I kind of just want toast with peanut butter/PB + banana, but I also am incredibly sick of bread and want fancy, complicated, time-consuming recipes like these bars and pancakes!

6. Cake for breakfast is a good thing. Okay, maybe you should ignore the above. I have a confession to make: I’ve been eating cake for breakfast. I need something hot in the mornings, and as you know from yesterday I am way too impatient to make things like oatmeal and pancakes, so mug cakes to the rescue! 

7. I’m kind of anti-egg whites right now. Just the idea that somebody separated the whites from approximately three thousand eggs and dumped them all into a container to be shipped for who knows how long grosses me out. Not to mention I guess I don’t see the point anymore since the yolk has so many nutrients, and it’s not like I need to watch calories/fat! Does anybody know of some more mug cake/recipes that use whole eggs? I would love to try some more protein pancakes and the like, but it seems like the vast, VAST majority require upwards of 1/2 cup egg whites, and I’m just not willing to manually separate that many eggs.

8. I’m also anti-sandwiches. I use to be obsessed with them and would actually beg my mom to let us have them for dinner, but I don’t even want to LOOK at them right now. It’s only because I don’t have many other options (I have to eat lunch and dinner in class, currently) and don’t want anything that smells, is loud, or, to be honest, makes me look weird eating it. I think that this is my third request for suggestions, but…help!

IMG_0559I MIGHT maybe an exception for this beauty though. Maybe.

8. I’ve realized I am basically a senior citizen. We were taking about senses last week at work, and mine all suck. I am BLIND as a bat, cannot smell a thing for the life of me, and have to ask people 12+ times to repeat themselves. Yikes. Looks like I skipped over the whole “university/work” phase and went straight to retirement. Sweeeeeeet.

9. It is FAR too warm for January in Alberta. This time last year it was -40C PLUS WINDCHILL and blizzarding. Now?


It’s global warming though, let’s not kid ourselves here. We should also mention the fact that yesterday morning had winds up to 100KM/HOUR. They are actually what woke me up! Seeing as I’m on the 22nd floor and there’s not much to block it, the noise has been a little scary.

Scratch that. A lot scary. They were SO LOUD and did’t stop all day long. I kid you not when I say that I had to bend over when on my way to school so that I wasn’t blown over.

What is your current ALL TIME FAVOURITE ______?

Mine is the song “International Smile” by Katy Perry. Such a great pump-up, confidence boosting song!


7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud & Keeping it Together

  1. I can’t even believe the weather right now. Above freezing… in JANUARY!?! Where do I live, again? It’s insanity. I think we managed to hit 8 yesterday, and if it wasn’t for the crazy wind (seriously, wtf?!), it would have been a perfect day. And I feel ya on waking up super early and just bolting out of bed. The second my eyes open, I’m ready to GO… even if that happens to be at 4 AM 😯

  2. Hahah it’s funny that you mention the weather… it hit 80 degrees yesterday… which is ridiculously warm for California in January! I wore a sun dress yesterday with sandals and was too hot!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been so busy! I’m in the same boat as you unfortunately with that one 😦

  3. School has taken so much of my time. That and full time work. So I often fail at making pancakes because I’m pretty impatient. I stirred up all the ingredients for a protein pancake in a mug and microwaved it. It’s less messy and came out better than any attempt at the pancake.

    I’ve been eating flatbread with egg, salami, avocado, and cheese for breakfast. Although I use egg whites… and this essentially is a sandwich. Um, so I don’t know…

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