Confessions of the Attention Span-Less

Well, good morning friends! It is currently 5:30 am and I’ve been up since 4. I just got out of bed because I realized that there was NO WAY I could go back to sleep, so I decided to seize the day. (And my stomach was also growling too loudly for me to ignore. 😉

I’m a generally impatient person that gets bored very easily. Especially when lying in bed in the mornings, just waiting for it to be a reasonable time to wake up in the morning. It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does, I can’t stand it. Can anyone relate? I may as well be a squirrel, I have such a short attention span. From movies to books to mealtimes, I literally CANNOT maintain focus on anything for any significant amount of time.

Take reading, for example.


I currently have five (!) books on the go. I rotate through them sporadically, depending on my mood. Do I feel like an dark, intense mystery,



or something light and happy? What about health, or self-improvement?

My point is, I never feel like reading the same book for more than two nights in a row.

Aannnnd, that mindset translates to mealtimes, as well.


I have been known to leave half of my food sitting on my plate because I got bored and did something else, and then went back later to finish it (plus some more since that extra ~30 minutes made me SO much hungrier 😉 )

And then there’s the movie situation. My absolute MAXIMUM for a movie is 90 minutes. Any longer and I automatically revert to instragram, pinterest, scrabble, or I just give up and leave (the couch, not the theater!) Don’t ask me how I felt during The Hobbit last year.

Same goes for exams. I wrote my social studies diploma exam yesterday morning, and I had to write two essays in three hours. Most people will write the persuasive first, because it is more heavily weighted, and then move onto the source analysis, but me? I rotated through each paragraph until I finished them both (well, until the timer cut me off, actually).

It also translates to workouts. I have become addicted to circuit workouts because anything more repetitive makes me want to rip my hair out of boredom. Yet, I have no problem running mindlessly for 5 miles. It’s funny how that works, hey?


I planked for this long yesterday. Who cares that it was broken up into 20 second segments…an 8 minute plank is an 8 minute plank, friends.

Am I alone in a world full of attention spans? 


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